The Past

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Alas! That the young days
                            Have passed
The happy and frolic days
                            Have passed

Thirsting sleeping by the brook
                            For so long
Where the water of my life
                            Has passed

My day withering with melancholy
                            Has passed
My night worrying what is and is not
                            Has passed

A life whose one moment worthier
                            Than the cosmos
Thinking about nonsensical thoughts
                            Has passed


His name is Patrick a young man begging in the streets of Petron Ville Haiti where the super rich reside and do business in Haiti. Martyr Abu-Said Abul-Khair teaches how valuable human life is and no matter which interval of history or which race of people, how most lives are wasted away by nonsensical thoughts and aspirations.

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda