The Sculptor

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I have sculpted the marble of who I am not, artfully
                                               By my Self
Chips of lies strewn upon the earth of loss all over
                                               By my Self

I have chiseled the marvel of who I am not thoughtfully
Whilst the pearls of sobs strung along the chain of sighs
                                               By my Self

Dara be the Abraham shattering the idol of who I am not
Flames of bonfire cooled the meadows of Remembrance
                                               For my Self  [1]

[1] The young Prophet Abraham broke down the idols of his country, and the idolaters set up a huge bonfire to burn him alive for the crime he had committed. When he was catapulted into the fire the fires were cooled by Allah and turned into meadows. Be the Abraham of your own life, shatter the idol that you have carved out of your Self and walk into the meadows cooled by the fires that you feared. 

© 2005-2002,  Dara O.  Shayda