The Secret

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Within the eternal realm I saw that which I saw
                                        By myself
Freed from my Self yet reaching to my true Self
                                        By myself  [1]

Within the solitude with That Beloved where
I said wordless and as well listened earless
                                         By myself  

The sun of Oneness from the east of my beingness
Risen whilst nothing left save a particle in and
                                         Of myself [2]

Nonetheless that door which unopened for anyone ever
The secret of Azal, from ITs Grace, bestowed a key [3]
                                          Upon myself

Once my Self faded away my fellow companion the Araqi
Jumped off the nest of Oneness with no wings and feathers
                                           By myself [4]



When ‘I’ was busy taking the photos of these Haitian street children, less and less of ‘I’ was remaining and more and more of my true Self was reflecting from the rustic Haitian mirror: sometimes it was my Self gingerly smiling at the camera and some other times my Self and friends unaware standing in the middle of a rush hour… But at all times none of these were the reality hence the anguish and hapless melancholy.

If the I-ness is removed then my Self and the Haitian lost children even the driver or the passengers jammed into a tap-tap (taxi), all or none, one or nothing, an indivisible ensemble, a collective forming a vector pointing away from the human reality and comprehension whilest so truly pointing towards the Divine Oneness.

Now that ‘I’ am gone lets await the luminous manifestation of the Divine Beauty, ‘That Which’ tiring the staring eyes drowning the thirsting glances, only the glimpse of ‘That Which’ can bring forth the final amnesia: Shall never again remember the lost faces of those Haitian children and shall never again remember ‘I’ or even my Self.

[1] The noblest endeavor in Sufism is to behold one’s Self exactly as it was created by Allah. More than often this becomes possible when you see your true Self’s reflection off the mirror of those around you. Please, my love, look closely at them…

[2] The fictitious character called ‘I’ is a virtual existence of a sort: ‘I’ do not have to be and most probably ‘I’ was never though ‘I’ marvelously pretend to be. ‘I’ am not much more than a simulation subsisting/executing upon the Divine Oneness.

[3] What Sufis called Secret is not of this world, and the unearthing of which has no process e.g. via learning or searching, it is a Divine Endowment upon the lucky chosen few. Azal is a prophetic term, a Sufi code word, signifying the other sempiternal universe where there are no transience, causality, passage of time, beginning or end not even right vs. left or then vs. now!

[4] Once I-ness is done away with, when there is no more ‘I’ then Dara is a third person—an out of body experience of a sort. Maintaining this state requires a courageous action something likened to jumping off a nest by our poet Araqi. My love it is time to jump off this nest, I cannot bear looking at these Haitian children, they are thorns in my eyes and now that their pain closed my eyes shut at ‘I’ lets jump off and when I am gone so shall be their pain gone as well and free they shall roam the meadows of beautitude, and all that is impossible unless by the grace of That Beloved.