Al-Hayy (The Ever-Living)

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Hu is Darrāk and Fa'āl.

If an object does not have Idrāk (Prehension) and does not have deliberate actions, it is dead, lifeless and inanimate. (Here we are excluding the Prehensions for physical resources)

Therefore the Perfected Life or Al-Hayy is Al-Ladhi (That Which) all the Idrāk (Prehensions) of every Mudrik (Entities that Prehend their own Self) Prehends.

Dara: Mudrik is an entity that has a Self, it knows/feels/cognizes that it exists and that it is separate from others. All the Prehensions necessary for the concrescence of this entity are powered by Hu or Hu is called Darrāk when in an absolute and perfected sense:

1. Every Prehension, for the objectification of the entity, Prehends Hu
2. Every Subjective Form, how-ness, for this entity's Prehensions, also Prehends Hu.

In other words, all the resources appropriated for the concretion of an entity, and all the necessary know-how or how-ness or Māhiyat (What-ness) or Huwiyat (It-ness), and all their relatedness need, fall under the umbrella of Hu's attribute of Al-Hayy in order to be.

This modality of Darrāk is the core understanding of the Divine Attribute of Al-Hayy (The Ever-Living) and the core understanding of the concept of organism.

Al-Ghazali also adds the concept of 'Measure of Life' meaning the Mudrik (Entities that Prehend their own Selves) are ranked according to their amount of Prehensions for Hu! The more they Prehend Hu the more alive they are! Therefore, as there are spectrums of the degree of Prehension within a living being, Allah ranks the living beings accordingly.

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