Endowment of Beauty
Your wonderful face is the cause for all beauty indeed [1]
Everything faces this perfection because “nothing is concealed”
After a long life said ‘Die’ but I am dying from
The sorrow that life might not be loyal after all [2]
Much, the pretentious sage counted the hundred beads
In all cities, this way made all fingers pointing at him [3]
What sorrow if Your blade cutting my head apart
The real sorrow if my head and Your blade afar
Prayed for my need by that most profane lip [4]
My needs flowing what reason left for praying
No one can reach the limit to “kiss that lip” [5]
Much desire in head but trampled under the feet
Jaami clutching at Your Zolf by the hand of hope [6]
May Allah the Highness, excess of Zolafa endows for


Today, I am in a stage of my voyage recognizing there are several Laws of Beauty:
  1. Anything facing the Creator, willingly or unwillingly, shall be beautified
  2. As things draw closer to the Creator, the more beautiful they become
Therefore drawing closer to people/world via fame and material gain has the reverse effect of homeliness or becoming unattractive and ugly.
[1] “Nothing is hidden” is presented verbatim in Arabic at the end of the second verse a verse from Koran [3:5]:
“From Allah, verily nothing is hidden on earth or in the heavens.”
Jaami makes a breathtaking point: If nothing is hidden from the Creator ever, that means they all face It meaning they slip, willingly or unwillingly, towards the perfection of Its beauty.
Therefore the first verse concludes that all beauty comes from the fact that we all face the Beloved. Anything facing the Creator, must become beautiful, has no choice. Our eyes and mind many not grasp the beauty of something but this is the truth, the Law of Beauty.
[2] Jaami has been waiting for an entire lifetime for the Beloved to say, “Die” and he is NOT scared of death but instead he fears that life might not deliver the promise to kill him.
[3] I was once walking around Cambridge and a young Muslim Harvard student start talking to me about writing poetry and etc. He said something that made me do this website. He said what is the point of writing book about Allah!? Lets say you worked so hard and published a book and then they sell ten copies in the Harvard bookstore. Just a couple of people read it and that’s it? Now if millions read them then that is a different matter worthy of much effort.
Jaami advises us to stop this thinking. Like the sage that is famous (finger pointing in Farsi means getting famous). It would have been better for the sage to pay attention to few people than millions admiring him.

[4] “Profane lip” means our stupid ways of praying and asking Allah for things. Imagine going in front of President of United States saying, “Listen ass_ole decrease my taxes and create more f_cking jobs, do you hear me you piece of sh_t”. Isn’t this vulgar and rude? From Rumi to Baba Tahir to Jaami they talk about this rudeness of Mankind when they invoke their Lord to ask for things.
Adding more insults, what we need is pouring to us whether we pray or not, specially wording our prayers so rude.
[5] In the past Sufi societies and even today kissing has a non-sexual context in contrast to western culture, media and literature:
  1. Kissing mentioned in words means gratitude, repent and humility.
  2. Men can kiss men in public or private, and women kiss women in public or private and they are not indication of any gay sexual behavior.
  3. Both in words and in actions, kissing is an act of social love and reverence
Now in Sufism ‘Kiss’ has a particular meaning, inclination and gravitation to embrace the meanings and qualities of the words abstract/practical or physical/spiritual.
‘Lip’ in Sufi cipher has, depending on the poet, certain meanings:
  1. ‘Lip’ means words, speech in written or spoken form
  2. Jewels/garnet of Lips means depth and secrets of words
  3. Sugary Lips means descended words and revelations messengers and prophets via intermediary like Angels
  4. Sweet Lips means sent down with no intermediary grasped by cognition of mind and heart
So “Kissing that lip” means: “inclination to grasp and act upon the meanings of the words” and in this context words of Allah in form of scriptures or others. Jaami says that no one can reach the limit of seeking the meanings of the words of the Beloved.
“Trampled under the feet” means failure, defeat and humiliation.
[6] ‘Zolf’ or ‘Zolafa’ are Arabic/Koran words that mean “go near”, “approach” or “advance”, Koran [34:37]:
“It is not your wealth nor your sons, that will bring you nearer to Us in degree: but only those who believe and work righteousness - these are the ones for whom there is a multiplied Reward for their deeds, while secure they (reside) in lofty dwellings!”
But in Farsi it also means curl or luck of hair. The ignorant that reads this verse thinks that Jaami is grabbing the hair of Allah in hope of help!? In the second verse, which is all in Arabic, Jaami TEACHES to clarify the meaning of the word.
How interesting! These poems Jaami wrote were not poetry. They made up a catalogue of Sufi concepts in most clear language and terrific details.
A note for the silly: Jaami did not kiss the lips of the Creator and did not grab the Hair of Allah.

Background: C60 The most beautiful molecule.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda