Fish in Agony
The sanctuary of all life is the name of our Beloved
Nothing more loved than Its Name and nothing loftier
Its name treasure map for the Unseen Universe [1]
For It, all concealed treasures uncovered
All Names are the manifestations of Its Essence
All objects manifestation of these Names [2]
Nothing seen in existence except It aloft
Disappeared all other and their names afar
The absolute Being and nonpareil pure One
Where is It? Where are you? Where am I?
I and It and you vanished from the midst all
The secret of One-ness forsaken all into One
Life of Jaami about this point of One-ness [3]
Like the agony of fish out of the ocean water

Language: In this poem for the word name two Farsi and Arabic words were used:
  1. Naam: Which is a Farsi word that means name like the English usage.
  2. Esem: Which is the Arabic/Koranic word indicating the same meaning. However in Koranic expressions ‘Esem’ has much wider meaning. I have done much research on this name but still not sure about all the meanings. Best I know is that ‘Esem’ in Koranic context means all knowledge (learned, gained, experimental), truth(s), attributes (Sifat), descriptions, data, names… in general all that which we can imagine as knowledge and truth and ways of being (Sifat). In today’s technological terms it includes software, equations, formal systems and languages, imagination art and what not.
In order to preserve the author’s original text in English, to indicate ‘Esem’ I capitalized the Name. The rest are all lower case to mean just name in English. You should be aware that the two usages have been very precise and deliberate and we must give this great attention.
[1] There is a universe out of the reach of our instrumentations and nothing about it is observable. This universe exists and it is filled with beings and rules and laws and history.
[2] First verse: If ‘Name’ to mean knowledge, truth(s) and sciences, then all these endowments come from the manifestation of the Essence of the Creator i.e. It made It Self visible/observable/known by allowing these Names to render a manifestation or an approximation of some of what is within Its Essence.
Second verse: And all the objects within the grasp of our mind and body are manifestation of those Names in the first verse or they have been derived or instantiated or extracted (like recipes) from the knowledge that came from Its Essence.
A bad example: Verse 1, there are descriptions and theories describing a single electron. But there is no single electron to be grabbed. Verse 2, then someone creates from that description many electrons instance of that recipe.
Jaami says all the above precisely in 8 words, 2 Farsi and 6 Arabic.
[3] Fundamental revelation and basis of Koran and all what the Sufis render in their art is the One-ness or the Arabic words Tawhid, Wahdat. Roughly it means there is one God. However the details of concept to explain in human language are difficult as the saying goes, “The devil is in the details”.
So my poor homeboy says, it’s like being agonized like a fish out of water. But this difficulty is the sail that makes the voyage of the Salek(traveler towards Beloved) possible.

Background: SuperSonic car just like Jaami.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda