The Vagabond
Last night passing by my Beloved and praying
Said, “Who are you?”
We replied, “Impoverished beggars lost and wandering!”
Though we are poor in need of all things
Somehow astonishingly asking nothing of You
Nothing whatsoever! Except You
Our sole need in both worlds
Lost and wandering strangers we have become
Having no homeland except You
How much longer in this bewilderment
Afar and away from our home to endure
Gaze upon us the penniless, the miserable
But once powered by the force of Your glance [0]
Upon the meager copper of our poverty
You are the elixir of wealth and affluence
Come! Walk by us the lowly vagabonds
Awaiting impatiently Your noble steps
Because only You can unload the sorrow
From the burdened broken hearts of wayfarers
One thousand paths laid out
Passageways towards the tavern of love [1]
But the closest shortcut alas
The forlorn path of poverty and ruin
This path indeed unfitting for lighthearted
Therefore cleanse your attire from thy Self [2]
And step upon the path confident

Do you think, you shall find the Beloved of heavens and earth the sublime beauty of cosmos the paragon of infiniteness within the walls of a building? The building you may call holy or church or synagogue or some called mosques.
Do you think the path towards the ultimate bliss the meeting with the Creator is via the bondage of your employment in dungeons of corporations? Exotic temples pilgrimage for worshiping the false-gods of high finance?
Do you think the faster your ABS powered all-wheel-drive SUV the sooner you shall reach the regal court of your Lord?
Do you think the higher your monthly mortgage and the greener your lawn more likely for the Beloved to hold court within the walls of your home?
Do you think the more precise the navigational systems of your stellar weaponry better the chances of finding your God?
Beloved whom all hearts beat for Its praise and enthusiasm, has made nest within the ruins of the shattered heart of this forsaken black woman.
Your eyes can not see that because you wear your Self, the cloak of arrogance embroidered by ignorance, the mantle of false short-lived happiness upon the eyes of your heart, thus blinded to see where the Beloved, the object of all quests resides!?
Stand proud and confident by her next to the forlorn doors of NYSE and you shall soon behold the one who is the light of your eyes, the love of all hearts...
[0] The Creator’s glance upon a person shall transform him or her into the most fortunate human being. It is this glance of Beloved (the Creator) that a lover (us) yearns to revel in. Poet narrates that this glance is like an elixir turning the copper into gold.
[1] Tavern references to where the Sufi falls into a drunken ruin. The reference to wine and drunkenness is discussed here please click to read more… 
[2] You are full of your Self, which brings you false happiness and false sense of security. Let go of your Self and the short-lived happiness shall be replaced by the drunken travel on the path of love towards the Beloved. 

Background: Homeless woman begging on Wall Street. I believe the door is either AMEX or NYSE. Photograph by Jacob Holdt.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda