After This Day

After this day, most openly [1]
                        I am in love with You
How could I hide since conspicuously
                        I am in love with You
Whether in the heart immanently, or in my life eternally
Matters not if You are here or over there [2]
                        I am in love with You
Shamefully facing the pine, tulip and savanna [3]
Albeit this being my shape and form
                        I am in love with You
If You love me not, I still love you so much [4]
Because without any expectations
                        I am in love with You
My eyes and heart each separately love You
But even without any heart still [5]
                        I am in love with You
You said: Spilling your blood Kamaal until hating Me as enemy
Precisely for that very reason [6]
                        I am in love with You

Diamond miners have risked their lives for thousands of years digging the harsh terrains and crawling their ways into the depth of the earth, accepting the asphyxiation in return to extract a few precious beautiful rare gems from the cruel clutch of buried rocks. People above on the surface, some honest and some plagued with greed, some in favor of chaos and some managing and administrating the affairs and business of these mined jewels. Lives are lost below the surface to the hardships of mining, and lives lost and ruined above to wealth and greed and all that surrounding the handling the affairs of such rare beautiful wealth.
However in the theatre of this drama, for as long as we can recall, all players have succumbed to the script’s line: lives lost and ruined but the mining of the rare jewels not only justified but most persistent must continue. We do not question this affair when we use the diamonds for industrial or personal use. We do not question whether this wealth is justified by the suffering and killing that goes along with it.
What we call this world, from the smallest of sub atomic particles to incomprehensibly large celestial structures, from the DNA in our cells to the neurons in our brains, Yes! These are all miners mining the glittering jewels of the beauty of the Beloved. The cosmos moment after moment, particle after particle guides itself to uncover that which is the desire of all eyes to behold i.e. the splendor of the beauty of the nonpareil Creator.
And just like the suffering that goes along the unearthing the wealth and beauty of the diamonds, the uncovering of the Beloved’s beauty goes hand in hand with blessings as well as hardship that plagues mankind and the universe.
Wars are fought, charities are given, hearts in love, bigotry and racism faced/opposed by freedom lovers seeking peace and harmony. All this intermixed, beyond the ability of a single mind to comprehend for one lifetime or a thousand life times, to mine to unearth the glittering beauty of the Creator.
Why mankind understands, appreciates and admires the ultimate price paid by a miner to unearth a mere crystal, but appreciates not the suffering that goes along the uncovering of the most beautiful gem in the universe, the Creator?
[1] There is a day in your life, and you know that day well, when from that moment on all things are altered, scents don’t smell the same, foods don’t taste the same and yes love feels not the same. That very day Kamaal faced, probably when he eye witnessed atrocities by Mongols against his beloved wife and family.
Peculiar is that day which within it’s moments a glittering jewel from the beauty of the Beloved is unearthed in front of your eyes and only your eyes. A custom made piece of jewelry crafted from the splendor of Creator’s beauty and mounted upon the ring of a unique moment of your life unequaled by any other moment ever.
This jewel that is given to you from the Beloved. Shall change your life in one most important and singular aspect: You fall in love with Beloved when the pain of the moment can crush all mountains on this earth but you stand alone between the pain and beauty, uncrushed but in love.
For such moment, Kamaal says, “After this day” to render the irony of the moment when Creator has decreed pain for you, but your heart falls in love with Beloved and you understand nothing of this event! Except your eyes filled with boiling tears.
And how can a lover hide from the Beloved, once fallen in love has no choice now but to track the Beloved’s favor to love It more and more…
[2] Originally the verse read in Farsi, “Your abode either in the heart, or resident in life”. Which is fine but when I thought more about the words abode and resident I understood he used the Koranic/Arabic words:
  1. ‘Saaken’ which is related to ‘Sakinah’ meaning “Immanence of God”, Koran[9:26] :
"But Allah did pour His calm on the Messenger and on the Believers, and sent down forces which ye saw not..."

  1. ‘Moqim’ which is related to ‘Qayyum’ meaning “ever-lasting”, Koran[3:2]:
  "Allah. There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-Subsisting, Eternal."
I sensed that the neat usage of the variants of the Arabic words was the art and translated accordingly.
[3] Pine, tulip and savanna can have several meanings in accordance to Sufi ciphers I have found:
  1. Tulip is either ‘face’ or the ‘lip of the beloved’, which means the words of the beloved.
  2. Pine means beautifully shaped beloved with graceful movements
  3. Savanna means a space were all things can expand in their size and quality
These I deciphered from Khajoo and Araqi code words I found in the back of the manuscripts.
Kamaal possibly may have eluded to his shame in front of his Beloved the Creator. How fine are Its words and existence, which leaves the poet in shame. Or it could mean that he compares himself to other people who were fine-faced with beautiful words and poems and deeds and he felt shame. He could also compare himself to the plants in a garden that he is even lower than them in beauty. Nonetheless, it is the expression of lowliness of humility.
[4] The real phrase would have been “Even if I THINK you love me not” because Beloved loves us no matter what. This is the ache-filled expression of a lover’s exaggeration.
[5] Kamaal’s pain has reached an unprecedented level where his eyes and heart are now separate from him. He is shattered beyond recognition that even has no heart, but he is himself. And even then, with no eyes and no heart dissolved away in pain, he needs no eyes to see and he needs no heart to feel, he loves the Beloved.
[6] Just like a coal miner dying in the depth of the earth clutching to the last moment to his tools and what of beautiful jewels found, Kamaal interprets the suffering imposed upon him, the same as a collapsed mine, a sign of value for the most precious jewels at his clutch i.e. the love for Beloved.
The cosmos is mining the glitter of Allah’s beauty, you are a miner, there are wealth and blessings and there are pain and suffering. Die! Die this moment with fist clutched hard at the beauty of Beloved’ love.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda