The Lantern of Guidance
Chapter 1 Section 5

Divine Words

Allah Almighty has said:
Say: "If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support.” “ Qur’an [17:88] (Qur’an means something for reading, recital)
Beyond all doubts the worth and rank of any words directly depend upon the measure of the speaker: The loftier the speaker the loftier the words. Since Its Zhaat (Divine Essence) is Qadim (Immemorially Preexistent and Ancient) therefore It is Uniquely Incommensurable (Monfared) resplendent with August Sublimity (Azim), similarly Its words are Uniquely Incommensurable resplendent with August Sublimity.
It is close to people by Its attributes of beneficence and benevolence, however Afar Aloft Infinitely Sublime and Exalted above all. Likened to the Sun though its mass is afar, its luminosity and heat near. If you gaze upon Its beneficence, shall perceive It infinitely Qorb (Divine Nearness & Proximity) and Infinitely Zahir (Obvious Divine Manifest). And if you gaze upon the depth of Its reality, you shall find It infinitely Afar and Infinitely Baten (Searchlessly Hidden & Concealed). Simultaneously near and afar, both Zahir (Obvious Divine Manifest) and Baten (Searchlessly Hidden & Concealed) and therefore people have analyzed Its words differently:
  1. If they gazed through Qorb (Divine Nearness & Proximity) and Zahir (Obvious Divine Manifest) they concluded that Its speech are words and sounds.
  2. If they gazed through Baten (Searchlessly Hidden & Concealed) they concluded that Its speech is not words nor sounds fearing the (misinterpretations) of Qorb (Divine Nearness & Proximity) and Zahir (Obvious Divine Manifest).
Within the first group that believes Its speech is words and sounds, some said that the Divine Words are Qadim (Immemorially Preexistent and Ancient) similar to looking at the goblet which the color of the container (goblet made up of human readable words) is the color of what is contained (wine the Divine Speech), therefore the distinguishing factor (wine vs. goblet) is dissolved within the union (wine & goblet one unit):
Due to the purity of wine and thinness of the goblet
Immixed are the colors of the goblet and the wine
Either all the wine and lost seems the goblet
Or all is the goblet and lost seems the wine
And some said the Divine Words are Mohdath (Transient & Temporal). Since staring upon the color of the goblet (the container made up of this transient world) and saw the contained (wine i.e. the Divine Words) dyed by the color of the container (goblet or this world), therefore the union (of wine and goblet) lost and thus itemized individuality (wine separated from the goblet) has been reached: “The color of the wine the color of the goblet”. And these two views are infinitely apart.
Once we observed that each group has acted upon the sensitivities of their specific Mazhab (way or sect) and what they were trying to avoid, we conclude that the quarrel and argument amongst the followers of Islam is of no benefit. If truly a slave was busied by the principles and duties of the Din (Religion) never would have been infected by such intellectual audacities. Drowning within the muse of intellectual audacities equals to the destruction of the principles (what is known clearly & correctly). Neither the Companions of the Prophet nor the Taabe’in (next generation) ever dared to forsake the principle to brood upon the otherwise peripheral.
The true principles are the faith in Koran, to do obediently what is ordered and avoid all that which is forbidden and observing the rights and limits set forth as it is “Maa Yambaqi: As Indeed Suited”  (Koran [36:69]) and deserved. Indeed these are the sound principles, and embarking upon troublesome extras like is Koran Qadim or Mohdath nothing but inventiveness and intellectual audacity.
A good example for this folly is when a King ordains a textual decree issued to his subjects but the subjects quarrel and fight over the interpretation of the details of the decree to the point that the time is passed and the decree undone and void. (Decree was time sensitive and after sometime becomes meaningless)

Background: These are antique Turkish Calligraphy in Koofi style/font, compliments of Prof. Irvin C. Schick at Harvard, scanned from En'am manuscript by Ahmed Karahisari. Please here for the larger scan for free download.
The top rotated square, within each corner is written “All Praise for Allah”. And the middle black cursive line is “In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful” and the bottom larger rotated square is the following Surah (Chapter) of Koran called Ikhlas (Sincerity), written in a helical swirl with the end words (NONE LIKE UNTO IT) at the center of the square:

1. Say (Mohammad): It is Allah, the One and Only;
2. Allah, the Samad (Eternal, Absolute);
3. It begetteth not, nor is It begotten;
4. And there is none like unto It.

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