Chapter 4, Section 4
Wajd & Wojood [0]
Meaning of ‘Wajd’ is a consciousness within the heart emanated from the Lord, which separates the Man from Self by means of an overpowering attribute of either beatitude or melancholy [1]. Jonaid said, “Wajd (Divine Consciousness) is the truncation of the Sifaat (Attributes) while the human essence imbued with beatitude”. Abul-Abbas Ataa said, “Wajd (Divine Consciousness) is the truncation of the Sifaat (Attributes) while the human essence imbued with melancholy”. The subject of the Wajd (Divine Consciousness) is a person whose Self’s Sifaat (Attributes) still cloaking him while veiled from the Lord by his own existence. But from time to time, there are openings within the veils where Divine Rays shine through upon him and he becomes conscious of the Lord. However abruptly the veils close off and the Divine Presence lost again. Therefore Wajd (Divine Consciousness) roams in between the two consecutive losses of Divine Presence. The term ‘Wojood’ in this context means the loss, absence and nihility of the existence of the Wajid (Finder) underneath the subduing Divine Beams (replaced by finding the Lord):
My Wojood is when I am absent from my Self
By what transforms me anew facing the Divine Presence  (Jonaid)
Therefore Wajd (Divine Consciousness) is transient and Wojood (Finding the Lord and losing one’s Self) Qadim (immemorially preexistent and ancient). Zan-Noon said, “One’s being is subsisting upon the (physical) existence but Wajd (Divine Consciousness) subsisting upon Wajid (Finder)” [2]. In other words, the subject of Wajd is still subsisting upon his own existence and Self is not annihilated but when becomes conscious (Wajd) and finds the Lord (becomes a Wajid) and finally subject’s being is reduce to nil and entirely subsists upon the Wojood (existence of the found Lord) everlastingly. Therefore in reality the status of Wajid (Finder) is the loss of (physical) being and loss of Wajid is the Wojood (Finding the Lord). Shebly adumbrated this, “When I suspected that I lost it I found It and when I suspected I found it I lost It” [3]. Whoever is veiled by Wajd (Divine Consciousness) whereupon cloaking his own existence, Wajd causes beatitude within him. On the contrary, whomever senses the presence of Wajd (Divine Consciousness) he loses the perception of Wajd (blocking the sublime view of the Lord) and thus happiness leaves him melancholy. Jonaid eloquently versed this:
The reflections of Wajd in every mirror beatifies me
However anything standing in front of the mirror obscures them
Only when within Wajd you find repose you shall find bliss [4]
Since in Divine Presence lost is the very Wajd itself
Wajd (Divine Consciousness) is the preamble to Wojood (Finding the Lord). The castle of Wojood is besieged and Wajd is each catapult that lands within this fortress thrown from the universe of Divine Affinity until such time the castle of Wojood surrenders and Wajd (Divine Consciousness) becomes Wojood (Finding of the Lord by a lover). Therefore the outer-limits of Wajd is Woojood. 
Abul-Hassan Noori said, “The Wajd (Divine Consciousness) is the absence of physical existence by means of Mojood (Divine Existence)”. And what Shebly said, “The Wajd (Divine Consciousness) is the manifestation of the Mojood (Divine Existence Available)”.
Over all Wajd (Divine Consciousness) is in congruence with the essence of Tawhid (Divine Oneness) but if Wajd’s amplitude is too high then it is the very denial of Tawheed (since the lover is busied with instruments or transports that carries him towards the Beloved and less affectionate and attentive for Beloved) and again versed beautifully by Shebly:
If close by me, Wajd is away from Divine Presence
Might as well all be the rejection and deniance
Since the witnessing of the Divine presence
Afar from the presence of my very existence
‘Tawaajod’ is the practice and seeking of the Wajd (Divine Consciousness). And this normally achieved through meditation, learning or following the people who know this art. Although this is a practice involving physical effort and interfacing people, it is not going against the grain of the Wajd (Divine Consciousness), which requires total absence of Self and all around it. And this is in accordance to Shariah (Divine Law) i.e. people are allowed to learn and practice to perfect the art of Wajd (Divine Consciousness).
Tawaajod is the characteristic of those on the beginning of the Sufi path, Wajd (Divine Consciousness) characteristic of the people traveling on the Path (Salek) and finally Wojood (Finding) the characteristic of the people of reunion (those who reach Beloved).
[0] ‘Wojood’ is an Arabic word whose root is ‘Wajad’ which means ‘to find’ and subsequently ‘Wojood’ means ‘finding’ i.e. existence, if something exists it can be found and vice-a-versa. The Arabic word ‘Wajid’ means either the finder or finding or someone who is in love (seeker of love)! So in our Sufi context ‘Wajid’ is a ‘finder and a lover’ like a lover looking to find his love. And ‘Wojood’ in our context means ‘Finding the Lord’ and losing the Self! The Sufism’s Lost & Found!
‘Mojood’ means found or existing and in our context it means Divine Existence that is allowed Itself to be found at any moment if the lover is emanated with the Wajd (Divine Consciousness). It could have been that Beloved would not allow anyone to know of It or be able to seek It and finally find It. But It has blessed us, by attributing Itself to be Mojood i.e. existing and available as well to be found, talked to, love to…
When Sufis write about ‘Wajd’ they describe it as something that enters the heart or emanates into it. So it is like injected consciousness.
[1] ‘Wajd’ in Arabic means passion, ardor or ecstasy of love. Another sibling derivate is ‘Wejdaan’ which means emotional life, psychic forces and sentiments. Amalgamating these two words together ‘Wajd’ is translated into ‘Lover’s Divine Consciousness’ and since all my writings is about lovers the abbreviation ‘Divine Consciousness’ is applied.
[2] In our ordinary lives we subsist upon food, air, money, home, tissues of our body, molecules and etc. When the ‘Wajd’ emanates from the Lord upon the heart, then we become a Wajid (Finder of the Divine) and that is accomplished by loss of Self and complete disconnection from our physical existence (save the heart beat and breathing and etc). Therefore in this state the subject subsists upon being a Finder of the Divine (Wajid).
[3] The sentence is poetic it should really be, “When I suspected that I lost it (my Self’s being) I found It (The Lord) and when I suspected I found it (my Self’s being) I lost It (The Lord) ”
[4] The word ‘repose’ means to be free from all activities spiritual or emotional or physical. Even to be free from the Wajd itself. Because sensing the presence of Wajd causes a blockage to view the Beloved.

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