Al-Malik (The King, The Regal Owner)


Al-Malik is Al-Ladhi (That Which) whether within Hu’s Dhāt (Infinitely Innate Essence) or throughout Hu’s Sifāt (Divine Attributes), is absolutely and completely independent of anything else and has no need or requires no assistance from any others. On the contrary, anything other than Hu, its Wujud (Being) requires Hu or something of Hu e.g. attribute or some other creation. Any other object other than Hu is owned and possessed by Hu as the ultimate Regal King.

The person who can be called Malik, a king, is the person who needs no one in short term or long term (hereafter), however all need him. That person is a prophet upon this earth. They need nothing from any member of the creation since they are guided by Allah for all their needs and people need them for their guidance. And such are the scholars those who heave inherited after the prophets, and they (if being true) need no one other than Allah and according to their share of their kingdom, they can guide the people towards Allah.


This attribute is the attribute of Dhāt (Infinitely Innate Essence) as well as Hu’s Sifāt (Divine Attributes) i.e. Allah’s very nature and essence is that of a Regal Highness and the way Hu conducts the Fa’l (Divine Actions) also tells tale of a grand king. (Attributes are often based upon the way and mannerism of how someone does something)

This Name singles out Allah in many ways:

1.    The dominion (Mulk) has Iftiqār (Neediness) for Hu
2.    Any king of any kingdom is from Hu (appointed by Hu)
3.    If Hu says for something Be! Then it becomes.
4.    It has been established, antecedent to the appearance of the dominion and the subjects/slaves, that Hu is the King of everyone and everything. (Meaning Allah does need to create and then exert Hu’s regality, Hu is a King even nothing is in existence)
5.    Hu’s needlessness from any aid or cooperation
6.    Universality of Hu’ rule whether in this world or the world after
7.    Hu’s armies cannot be limited in number or power
8.    Hu’s dominion does not wither away
9.    The intellects fool themselves to believe that Hu has partners or associates (Translation ?)
10.    Hu’s complete control of the dominion is not compromised not for one moment or even a small detail. (In Hu’s Kingdom the attention to detail is infinite and infinitesimal at the same time)

© 2006-2002,  Dara O. Shayda, Hind Rifai M.D.