Quantal: Mujmal, Ijmali

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An entity is Quantal when it is a single indivisible unit, and if any attempt is made by another entity to probe to discern its inner structure or alter inner structure, the entity ceases to be!

Best example is the Brunnian ring, try to remove a single loop:

In the lexicon of the Sufism and the Muslim philosophers of distant past, Quantal concept was coined as Mujmal or Ijmali.


Uncertainty Principle

The entity made up of a pair of numbers (x, p) where x is the position of an atomic particle and p is it is its momentum (speed) is a Quantal object. Any attempt to probe to measure the exact value of x renders the value of p inaccurate i.e. the pair (x, p) ceases to have any meaning or ceases to be. Vice-a-versa, any attempt to measure the momentum (speed) p causes the cessation of the pair (x, p).

Software Measurement
Within a single computer, you can run software that measures the numbers that represent the performance of this system. The set of all these numbers is Quantal! Because as soon as you run the measurement software it consumes system resources and alter the current numbers irreparably.  Any probe into these numbers from within the system fluctuates them.

However if the performance numbers are indeed PROJECTED into a set of LED counters, and an OUTSIDER can then access the numbers without altering the system itself. But only a limited version of performances can be measured as such i.e.an incomplete view of the system.

Tauhid-Ilahi (Divine Oneness)
Tauhid-Ilahi is a form of Tauhid that is deposited all of us, in form of Ma’refa (Unlearnt Knowledge). When you attempt to probe this knowledge-form to acquire more understanding it ceases or you might say you lose access to it! Because it is the purest form of Tauhid that allows for no other Wujud (Being) e.g. your mind.

So many people ‘feel’ this knowledge-form, but foolishly attempt to access it and then it is gone! The only way to access this knowledge-form is by means of Allah, only Allah can bestow an access for you, at the time and place of ITs/His choosing, free from all else specially your own Nafs (Self) and Wujud (Being).

Our interest is mostly focused around Quantal Knowledge(s) and Quantal Realms. Quantal Knowledge is knowledge form that any attempt to understand it causes its cessation while the knowledge it available to us e.g. deposited within our Wujud (Being). Quantal Realms are those universes that no sub-spaces or sub-parts of them can be accessed or understood. Best we can do is to browse the projections of that universe into our universe, if that has been projected. (See the Software Measurement example above)

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