Quintessential Truths (Zobdatol Haqaayeq)

The Third Principle

Opinions of The People of Wahdat (Divine Oneness) on The Eminent Realm
Section 1. The Singleton Light
Know that the people of Wahdat (Divine Oneness) claim that there is only One Beingness and this is the existence of the Almighty & Holy Lord and other than the existence of this Unique Lord there is no other form of existence. It is impossible i.e. the formation of any other existence. Furthermore they claim that though It is only One Beingness, Its existence has both Zahir (Outer Manifestation) as well as a Baaten (Searchlessly Hidden & Concealed Interior).
Now that the above introduction is made clear, the people of Wahdat (Divine Oneness) say that the Baaten (Searchlessly Hidden & Concealed Interior) of this Singular Beingness is a Singleton Light, this Divine Light the Beloved eternally sought after in the universe and the universe indeed brim-filled with this Divine Light. [1]
An illimitable & infinite Light, a shoreless & endless ocean [2], the life knowledge will-power and force of all objects originated from this Light.
Sight hearing speech attraction and motion of all objects due to this Light, however this Light is Singular and only One. All the objects in the universe appeared upon one flash-manifest of this Light. Each object a perforation, for the manifestation of this Light, and Sifaat (Attributes) of this Light emanates out of these punctures.
This Light has no beginning and no end, Fanaa (Evanescence) and ‘Adam (Absolute Nonbeing) has no way to reach it. Perforations may be nascent & emerging or withered & aged, going underneath the earth or sprouting out of the earth.
Each object comes & goes, each grows or begets, each to its own reaching a perfection of a kind. (Nonetheless the Divine Light shines through these perforations)
Indeed this Light is in love with Its own Zahir (Manifestations), since this Light sees Its own Beauty within these manifestations and beholds own Names & Attributes. And because of this the Soul of human being is in love with his body [3]. Body of a human being is the manifestation of Sifaat (Attributes) of Humanity and the Soul beholds his own Names and Attributes. That is why it has been said, “Know your Self to know your Lord” (Narration from Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him).
Now that you comprehend there is only One Light, It is the Beloved of the universe and all objects in the world manifestations of this Light, therefore if said “we were what was” “we are what there is” and “we are what will be” is a TRUTH and again if said “it was NOT us that was” and “it is NOT us that is” and “it will NOT be us that will be” is a TRUTH as well. (If I say I did something because of my own will-power that is the truth and if instead I said the Lord willed me to do the same thing again is the truth.)
O Dervish!
In comparison to this One Beingness, no object has any superiority over any other object, similar to the relations of the words in this book and a pen. That is why it has been said there is no way for you towards your Lord, in any dimension or space [4]. Objects may be past or future to each other’s present but that is about it and indeed I am talking much again let me stop.
O Dervish!
There is only one point for you to hear & comprehend: There is only One Beingness and that is the Divine Beingness i.e. God, and other than this Divine Unique Beingness there is no other form of existence. Impossible! Existence of any other beingness! This Singular Beingness has both Zahir (Outer Manifestation) as well as a Baaten (Searchlessly Hidden & Concealed Interior).
This Baaten (Searchlessly Hidden & Concealed Interior) is a Singleton Light the Beloved of the universe. This is One Light though emanating from multiple perforations (created objects).
This Divine Light, This Beloved ceaselessly sought after in the universe indeed It talks and It listens (to Itself), It gives and It takes (to & from Itself), It discloses and It denies (for & against Itself).
O Dervish!
Strive to reach this Light, to see this Light. Look upon this world by means of this Light so you may find respite from the Shirk (Polytheism).
Our Sheikh said, “I finally reached to this Light and saw this Light. Illimitable & Endless, direction-less, does not sleep does not eat does not need anything… There was no way I could stop seeing this Light and I shared this experience with a dear friend. He told me to go to some (stranger’s) stable and pick up a fist full of hay without permission. I did so and suddenly could no longer behold the Divine Light!? [5]
Some other dear friend said, “I finally reached this Light, saw this Light and once I truly saw this Light I could not longer see my Self, everything was this Light and there was nothing else (including my Self)”.
O Dervish!
Once Salek (Traveler) reaches this Light, there are signs. First sign, he can never see his Self again, since the Self occludes this Light as an extra object of barrier. And if he can see this extra object of Self, indeed he is a Moshrik (Polytheist). Once the Salek’s Self is gone, the Shirk (Polytheism) is gone, immixing reunion nexus and partition all gone since immixing reunion nexus and partition are between two objects. (Close to this Light there is only One Beingness)
Once Salek (Traveler) is charred under this Divine Light, nothing of the above said remains, only the Lord, Sublime & Sanctified, and nothing else.
The latter is the Fanaa (Evanescence) within the echelons of Tawhid (Divine Oneness) and Allah indeed knows the best.
[1] Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR)  is a more or less fixed radiation (light in microwave range) measured for every point in space-time. Physicists interpret this brim-filled distribution of radiation as a long past event, which took place in every point of space-time. The Sufi interprets that a bit differently: Instead of some event, some PRESENCE long past. Some Divine Beloved’s Light penetrated every point of the time-space. If this light did not penetrate that point, nothing could exist there. Therefore the cosmic background radiation is the signature of that Beloved’s effulgence upon each point.
Now this is an Isharat (Paradigm) to use the cosmic background radiation as a finger pointing at our Divine Beloved.
[2] This Light is the ocean and the creation the waves. We discern the waves from the ocean; we are also cognizant of the fact that the waves and the ocean are one.
[3] I truly believe that our pure & sincere love is not of this universe. When you love someone, that love emanated from another universe i.e. The Eminent Realm of the Divine. This is so, because It loves Itself and It sees Its own beauty. So fear not loving other people, again & again your heart shall shatter and so be it. It is not your fault that others can not appreciate and reciprocate your purest love and it is not your fault that all things are penetrate by the love of this Beloved’s luminosity.
[4] If some snakes-oil salesman told you to buy some books or a mat and that will help you to find your way to the Lord, believe him not. We are all the same, lost in this universe clueless of our location let alone hoping to find the source of the Divine Light. None of us has any edge over the other to find the Lord since none of us can find the Lord no matter what.
[5] Often I wonder why I cannot reach this Light? Why I cannot see the world upon the reflection of this Light? The answer is clear now: Because I touched something I was not supposed to. Likened to the Sheikh’s fist full of hay. I cannot find the Divine Light because I snatched something that was not mine, a woman some money a child some piece of land and so on. Each time I grabbed hold of these objects that were not mine, more and more unsighted I became, Koran [24:30-31]:

30. Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.

31. And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty;

One can read these verses to avoid eye contact with the opposite sex so the passion is not flared and all that argument. Or one can read these verses beyond the sexuality of the argument:
Men, women please do not glance upon that which belongs not to you, in order for you to see your Lord. If you do glance upon someone who is not yours, then your eyes blind to the Lord.
And this non-sexual interpretation was hinted at few verses before:
27. O ye who believe! Enter not houses other than your own, until ye have asked permission and saluted those in them: that is best for you, in order that ye may heed (what is seemly).
Men, women do not enter a location that belongs not to you, since you will lose your sight to behold the Lord.
And guess what this chapter of the Koran is called, Yup! The Light!!!


© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda