Quintessential Truths (Zobdatol Haqaayeq)

Explanation of Minor-Human as the copy and epitome of the Eminent-Human
Whatsoever is within the Eminent-Human is also within the Minor-Human
Whatsoever is within the Minor-Human is also within the Eminent-Human

Principle 2

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O Dervish!

This principle number two and the upcoming principle number three are the beliefs & opinions of the Ahl-e Tasaw-wuf (Nation of Sufism). And the words of the Sufis are commingled with that of the Shariah (Prophetic Ways) and Hekmah (Firm Wisdom) and Wahdata (Divine Oneness). Some are transmissions of the words and some are the Kashf (Unearthed Secrets).

Know that once the Almighty Al-Haqq (The Absolute & True Reality, The Lord) created the creations, called them ‘Ālam (Universe, Cosmos, World). This Arabic word is the derivative of ‘alam that means signpost, road-sign, mark or token. Therefore the word was used to indicate that this universe is a sign pointing or guiding towards It’s Beingenss i.e. this universe is a mark/signature of Its knowledge, will and power (i.e. the Divine Creator). Therefore because the creation was an ‘alam (a sign) therefore it was called ‘Ālam (Universe, Cosmos, World). (And since a road-sign or post has words on it, which is the Arabic word Kitab (Piece of writing, A Book) it (the universe) is also called the Kitab (The Book) i.e. this universe is likened to a book to read to find a way towards the Divine).

Therefore It said whoever reading this book shall observe & behold ‘I’& My knowledge, will & power and shall be cognizant of them. But the problem was we were infinitesimal and the universe gargantuan and our observational capacity could barely reach the footnotes of the book therefore impossible to view the entire pages. It knew we were helpless therefore made a (minor) copy of this world and again wrote a precis of this book: It called the first world the Eminent-World and the copy the Minor-World, It called the first book the Eminent-Book and the summary the Minor-Book. But whatever was in the Eminent-Book indeed It fit (conceptually?) within the Minor-Book whereupon anyone who has read the Minor-Book indeed as if has read the Eminent-Book.

Afterwards It sent Its Khalifah (Deputy) to the Minor-World. The Lord’s Khalifah (Deputy) is the Awwal (Primordial) ‘Aql (Intellect) and this ‘Aql (Intellect) is the epitome of the Divine Sifaat (Attributes). Indeed It adorned the ‘Aql (Intellect) with the characteristics of Its own Kholoq (Disposition, Propensity) and commissioned it to the Minor-World.

This is why it has been said (by the Prophet) that The Sublime Haqq (The Absolute & True Reality, The Lord) created the Adam in Its own form. The Awwal (Primordial) ‘Aql (Intellect) is the Lord’s Khalifah (Deputy) within the Eminent-World and our ‘Aql (Intellect) is the Lord’s Khalifah (Deputy) within the Minor-World.


Everything around you is a signpost pointing towards ‘It’. Upon this signpost you find the writings of a book. Read them! Read them now! The African woman lying on her deathbed is an example of the writing on this book. If you can read the words then you know the directions towards the Divine Presence:

The Mystic Language

Rowing the waves vexed by the ailment
Her hands with rude oars torn
Her body a sack of bones, all broken within
The sun of her sunless forehead shall never renew
The lean emptiness of her smiles
Amorous delicacies craved by no eyes
Speechless secrecies and torn sentences
The mystic language of her sufferance
The wine that intoxicates my drunken pen

Background: Francine (38) from Jeppes Reef in South Africa is in the final stages of her life. Bed-ridden and weak, she is cared for by her two children. Her husband died of AIDS last year and her children will be orphaned in a matter of weeks. Photo Chris Leslie 2002.

Note: I stole some phrases from Donne.

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