Cognitions & Conversations  (Neffarri)

Qurb (Divine Nearness)

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I asked: Make me cognizant of the Qurb (Divine Nearness)?

Said to me: With Me there is no object nearer to another or there is no object further away from another except by My Divine Fiat registering the Qurb (Nearness) or the Bu’d (Remoteness). (This simplest the most ‘evident’ concept of distance is something that is placed in the universe by a Divine Decree, indeed a Divine Signature.)

Said to me: The Bu’d (Remoteness) is recognized by the Qurb (Nearness), the Qurb (Nearness) is recognized through the Wujud (Existence). (It is the cognition of the nearby objects that makes us cognizant of far objects and in the same vein the cognition of the nearness is obtained through the existence of an object i.e. if there was no existence of an object being near to it would have made no sense.)

I am ‘That Which’ with no want (no use) for Qurb (Nearness) and no end to ITs Wujud (Beingness). (You can be near to something that is finite in some respect, but if something is infinite in all aspects the concept of nearness does not apply to it whatsoever.)

Said to me: Far better (more impact) for you to see the remnants of My Glance upon every object than what you observe close by, and (this knowledge) overwhelms you due to your Ma’refat (Cognizance) of it.

Said to me: The Qurb (Nearness) you know vs. the Qurb (Nearness) I know likened to your Ma’refat (Cognizance) vs. My Ma’refat (Cognizance).

Said to me: No cognition of My Qurb (Nearness) is understood and no cognition of My Bu’d (Remoteness) is understood and no portrayal of Me is the description of My state.

Said to me: I am Near but not like the nearness of objects and I am Remote but not like remoteness of one object from another.

Said to me: Your near is not like your remote and your remote is not like your near—asymmetric, I am the Near & Remote (simultaneously both the same—symmetric): The Near that is remote (your remoteness) and the Remote that is near (your nearness). (There is an asymmetry for human being so far as the near & remote are concerned, but not for Hu (IT). Hu (IT) is Near when ‘you’ are remote, and Hu (IT) is Remote when ‘you’ are near! Depending on whether ‘you’ are in the equation or not Hu (IT) is Near or Remote and this is so because of Hu (IT))

Said to me: The Near is recognized due to distance, and the Remote is recognized due to the distance as well, but I am the Near & Remote without (the metric of) the ‘distance’.  (As soon as ‘you’, the one measuring, is introduced into the equation the near & remote become due to the distance—non-Divine)

Said to me: I am Nearer than the tongue of the speaker once he speaks; he who witnesses Me cannot bear Me in mind (Dhikr) and when he bears Me in mind (Dhikr) cannot witness Me. (Bearing someone in mind has to do with the metric of distance since the neural network of cells that constitute the human memory is within our brain—near to ‘you’. Reading from the previous two passages, when ‘you’ is considerer Hus (ITs) witness is pushed afar, and if Hus (ITs) witness is observed then ‘you’ i.e. the recollection and remembrance (Dhikr) pushed afar)

Said to me: The witness who also recollects & remembers, if his eyewitness does not have Haqiqa (Absolute Truth & Reality) he is veiled by remembrance. (Again the act of remembering is due to the local distance to memory cells in the brain, therefore Hu (IT) becomes Remote so do Hus (ITs) Truth & Reality (Haqiqa))

Said to me: Not everyone who bears something in mind is a witness though every witness can remember (what is bearing in mind). (Those who have witnessed something of the Divine can remember that Truth, but those who parrot-like recall things from their imagination not necessarily witnessed anything of the Divine)

Said to me: I have made you cognizant of yourself and what you comprehend of Me that is what is Bu’d (Remote); I have taken possession of your heart and what I possess is what is Bu’d (Remote). (Ma’refat (Divine Gnosis) and its place of residence within the heart of a Sufi are both remote objects from here, simply because they belong to Hu (IT))

Said to me: You cannot find Me and ‘not finding Me’ that is Bu’d (Remote); You may describe Me but cannot grasp Me and that is Bu’d (Remote); listen to what I say to you in your heart and that is from Me and that is Bu’d (Remote); (so far as) your beholding and I am Nearer than what you view and that is Bu’d (Remote). (Concepts like ‘not finding the God’ or ‘not understanding the God’ or ‘listening to the heart’ and so on are all remote objects or attributes of Hu (IT))


موقف القرب
أوقفني في القرب وقال لي ما مني شيء أبعد من شيء ولا مني شيء أقرب من شيء إلا حكم إثباتي له في القرب والبعد.
وقال لي البعد تعرفه بالقرب، والقرب تعرفه في بالوجود.
وأنا الذي لا يرومه القرب، ولا ينتهي إليه الوجود.
وقال لي أدنى علوم القرب أن ترى أثار نظري في كل شيء فيكون أغلب عليك من معرفتك به.
وقال لي القرب الذي تعرفه في القرب الذي أعرفه كمعرفتك في معرفتي.
وقال لي لا بعدي عرفت ولا قربي عرفت ولا وصفي كما وصفي عرفت.
وقال لي أنا القريب لا كقرب الشيء وأنا البعيد لا كبعد الشيء من الشيء.
وقال لي قربك لا هو بعدك وبعدك لا هو قربك، وأنا القريب البعيد قرباً هو البعد وبعدا هو القرب.
وقال لي القرب الذي تعرفه مسافة، والبعد الذي تعرفه مسافة، وأنا القريب البعيد بلا مسافة.
وقال لي أنا أقرب اللسان من نطقة إذا نطق، فمن شهدني لم يذكر ومن ذكرني لم يشهد.
وقال لي الشاهد الذاكر إن لم يكن حقيقة ما شهده حجبه ما ذكر.
وقال لي ما كل ذاكر شاهد وكل شاهد ذاكر.
وقال لي تعرفت إليك وما عرفتني ذلك هو البعد، رآني قلبك وما رآني ذلك هو البعد.
وقال لي لن تجدني ولا تجدني ذلك هو البعد، تصفني ولا تدركني ذلك هو البعد، تسمع خطابي لك من قلبك وهو مني ذلك هو البعد، تراك وأنا أقرب إليك من رؤيتك ذلك هو البعد.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda, Editor: Dr. Mohammad Tolba