Cognitions & Conversations  (Neffarri)

Divine Nobility 

I asked: Make me cognizant of the Divine Nobility?

Said to me: Nothing is Noble independent of Me; nothing is valid without Me; and I am That Noble Beloved without the possibility of ever being close to; I manifested what is evident/patent and I am the Most Evident; (the evident) cannot attain/conceive My Qurb (Nearness) and the Wujud (Existance) of (the manifested evident) does not guide towards Me; concealed is the Bātin (Intrinsic & Inmost Interior) and I am the most hidden; evidence/reasoning of whatsoever present cannot guide towards My Concealment  and nothing can authenticate a path towards it (My Concealment).

Said to me: I am closer to an object than its own Ma’refat (Cognizance) of itself and there are no corridors towards its own Ma’refat (Cognizance); none can ever have Ma’refat (Cognizance) of Me as I made it cognizant of its own self. (Ordinary objects cannot be cognizant of their own Self how could they be Cognizant of That Divine Beloved) 

Said to me: If it was not for Me the eyes would not have seen their images, and ears would not have had their hearing.

Said to me: If I made the language of Nobility patent & clear it would have snatched away the comprehensions as would the sweeping of the sickle and the geomancer’s teachings replaced by that of the Ma’refat (Cognizance) as if the geomancy swept away by violent gales. (Normal human comprehension is swept away and replaced by the Ma’refat that requires no learning or reasoning, had there been the exposition of the language of Nobility)

Said to me: If the speaker of the language of Nobility spoke would have silenced all other forms of speech, returning to ‘Adam (Nonbeing) the eloquence of all speech.

Said to me: Whoever prepares his Ma’refat (Divine Cognizance) towards meeting me, if I made plain to him the language of Jabarut (The boundary between here and the Realm of Souls) he would have disavowed (Nakar) his Ma’refat (Divine Cognizance) until when heavens fall into commotion that day of dreadful commotions (i.e. end of time Koran [52:9]).

Said to me: Even if I do not let you witness My Nobility (directly), your humility under it is acknowledgement enough; and Said to me: The people in heavens and the people in earth are subdued under the (firmament’s) enclosure but my ‘Abid (Slaves) are not toiled by traveling the layers of the heaven and their hearts are not belittled roaming around the corners of the earth.

I have exposed the eyes of their hearts to the rays of My Nobility and I come to pass over no object unless setting it afire; there is no panorama within the heaven that was not fixed (by Me); and there is no retreat upon the earth that was not settled (except by Me).

Said to me: Take what of Needs you have accumulated (for Me to grant?) otherwise shall send you back to them (granting the needs) and parting you from Me. (For IT granting your obsessive needs could mean a total separation, because if you truly know IT you have no needs.)

Said to me: With My Ma’refat (Divine Gnosis) you shall find no Needs; and had I not brought forth My Ma’refat (Divine Gnosis) then take your Needs.

Said to me: My Ma’refat (Gnosis) that is made plain/known does not carry another Ma’refat (Gnosis) of Mine that has not been made manifest.

Said to me: I am not cognition and I am not knowledge; I am not similar to cognition and I am not similar to knowledge.


موقف العز
أوقفني في العز وقال لي لا يستقل به من دوني شيء، ولا يصلح من دوني لشيء، وأنا العزيز الذي لا يستطاع مجاورته، ولا ترام مداومته، أظهرت الظاهر وأنا أظهر منه فما يدركني قربه ولا يهتدي إلي وجوده، وأخفيت الباطن وأنا أخفي منه فما يقوم علي دليله ولا يصح إلي سبيله.
وقال لي أنا أقرب إلى كل شيء من معرفته بنفسه فما تجاوزه إلي معرفته، ولا يعرفني أين تعرفت إليه نفسه.
وقال لي لولاي ما أبصرت العيون مناظرها، ولا رجعت الأسماع بمسامعها.
وقال لي لو أبديت لغة العز لخطفت الأفهام خطف المناجل، ودرست المعارف درس الرمال عصفت عليها الرياح العواصف.
وقال لي لو نطق ناطق العز لصمتت نواطق كل وصف، ورجعت إلى العدم مبالغ كل حرف.
وقال لي أين من أعد معارفه للقائي لو أبديت له لسان الجبروت لأنكر ما عرف، ولمار مور السماء يوم تمور موراً.
وقال لي إن لم أشهدك عزي فيما أشهد أقررتك على الذل فيه، وقال لي طائفة أهل السموات وأهل الأرض في ذل الحصر، ولي عبيد لا تسعهم طبقات السماء ولا تقل أفئدتهم جوانب الأرض.
أشهدت مناظر قلوبهم أنوار عزتي فما أتت على شيء إلا أحرقته، فلا لها منظر في السماء فتثبته، ولا مرجع إلى الأرض فتقر فيه.
وقال لي خذ حاجتك التي تجمعك علي وإلا رددتك إليها وفرقتك عني.
وقال لي مع معرفتي لا تحتاج، وما أتت معرفتي فخذ حاجتك.
وقال لي تعرفي الذي أبديته لا يحتمل تعرفي الذي لم أبده.
وقال لي لا أنا التعرف ولا أنا العلم، ولا أنا كالتعرف ولا أنا كالعلم.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda, Editor: Dr. Mohammad Tolba