Invocations at the Court of the Highness The Creator
O! Lord You are holding this slave’s hand, a true must for every slave this Mighty Lord. You are the pre-existent Creator Everlasting, forgive this dust in much need of forgiveness. Forgive me… Help me… Rescue me from the lustful raucous of Self. Seeking You for every need, since all needs exclusively fulfilled by Your very aid.
The heart that is not lost by Your grace, fears not the planets or the stars. In Your presence exists no fear of this universe, You are like the heavens and the rest worthy of burying under the earth.
Living within this wonderful verdant world, why have you decreed eternal afterlife in Paradise? Cannot imagine better than this world but if You say there is better in afterlife then it must be [1]. In those Gardens offer us a fine home, take away the dishonesty and evil of our intent.
I grasp not at any solutions for my problems, not even others, but You know all! then do what You know and that shall suffice. The hopes of everyone seeking after You, one in night and another in day, one black and the other white.
If an opening found anywhere in Your orchards, Mankind bemoans at the gates crying much. 
I found no courage within myself to ask of You, “give me this or that”. In stead running after everyman, but I discovered It is You giving and not them. 
You are self-sufficient in need of no one on Your path, all needs waft towards Your regal court. Do not let my guardian angel to be the ghoul of people’s ill intent, do not let me be lost on Your path.
Once You opened the gates of friendship [2], pour not the dust of estrangement on my head.
Beam upon mine eyes a ray of Your light, so I may find an escape from the eyes of Mankind.
I am that fluttering moth circling the radiant lamp of Your being [3], because I am a bird from the orchards of Your dominion. See not I belittled under every hand, empower me with greatness since You are the greatest. 
I was the particle unseen by any eyes, but Your power shone upon I the life! And once Your force brought me about, I became the KEY for many treasures…

Background: The Haitian boy suffering from AIDS (1985), dies in nurse Sarah’s arms in second picture below, within moments she holds him.

Under the Sablier trees [4]
Where I fell in love with You
Your Edict upon every leaf
The lifeless child the key
So many treasure-troves unlocked
His death the clarions call
“Sail upon my last breath
To fjords of Paradise!”
When a leaf falls from a tree, the pull of gravity combined with the aerodynamics of the gas mixtures within the air, we understand and sense and describe in great details. Millions of people around the planet attend schools and spend years to study the physical and biological phenomenon governing this simple and unimportant fall. They admire the terrific systems of all these precise and purposeful engineered processes.
But when a Haitian child falls under the same tree, and although the same fantastic natural processes apply to him as well, nonetheless we turn our faces the other way, repulsed see nothing of any value and importance. We see nothing! We see no purpose! We see no design! And we want to keep it that way for eternity. The lies we tell others and ourselves about this defenseless dead child.
We admire the scientists who become the KEYS to unlock the treasures of knowledge, unearthing the inner workings of physical and biological systems orchestrated to commence the falling of a mere leaf. But we adore not the Haitian child, the KEY unlocking treasures of our Beloved Creator!?
Behold the Edict of your Regal Creator upon every leaf, the photosynthesis production and reproduction of chlorophyll, the fantastic processes of pollination and the wonderful and bewildering DNA transcription and copying in each cell. The mighty and mysterious protein folding, the immaculate infinite processes of death and disengagement of a leaf each time one falls of a tree…
Behold the wordless Edict of your Mighty Creator upon the black skin of the Haitian child sheathing the dying rib cage, each laborious breath a treasure uncovered, every tear a pearl from the treasury of Paradise…
And when our arrogant gazes befalls upon the child, he cries voiceless to his Lord:
Beam upon mine eyes a ray of Your light, so I may find an escape from the eyes of Mankind… Make me that particle again unseen by any eyes…
Invocation heard, prayer granted and the child in few moments succumbed to death, thus again concealed are the treasures and the last breath of the Haitian child the last chance to find a ride towards the Beloved Creator! Lost forever…
Under the Sablier trees
I fell in love with You
Under the Sablier trees
I fought the serpents
Under the Sablier trees
I heard your cries
Under the Sablier trees
I lost my eyes
Under the Sablier trees
Blind I write
Under the Sablier trees
I await Your love

[1] We behold the pleasures of this life, drown in contentment and false fulfillment and wonder why there should be an afterlife. But look at the Haitian child ill with AIDS, he is running to his Maker to a fine home to live in peace and health in afterlife. For this little boy no questions asked about the afterlife and his home. But us the arrogant busy in our gluttony and greed, questions arise moment after moment.
[2] Every human being created has seen in full splendor his or her Maker. However in this life we are not allowed to see The Majesty. So Nezaami begs not to be estranged in this life after the fantastic introduction at the time of his creation.
[3] Moth circling a lamp or candle is a key Farsi/Sufi poetic expression. It means the moth (the lover) is instinctively gravitating towards the light/lamp/candle (the Beloved) and circles it maddened and drunken, often falling into its fire and burnt alive which is the ultimate stage of Sufi love for the Creator.
[4] Sablier Tree is a special tree in Haiti where the nightly Voodoo rituals are performed underneath.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda