The Human Creation [0]
In the beginning when there was no worship of Love [1] 
Amidst the non-existence no song of creation sung
A fortunate one sewn a gown from sanctuary of non-existence
Wafting towards the existence and wide opened gates
Children of celestial beings born [2]
Mankind came to birth…
As a successor adorned by the beauty of knowledge [3]
Displayed like a flag, sometimes raised, sometimes at rest [4]
Taught Mankind the sanctified attributes of It Self [5] 
Leavened a bit of mud, his nature, from the noble dust of It Self
He is a jewel both opaque and glittering
Both scale and gold and a crafty jeweler [6]
Much troubled the angels, this new witness
Just so unique, this new line, the mirror of terrestrials [7] 
Its help powers the strong arm of (his) life
His bracelet jeweled from the seven skies
He has been raised from two cradles [8] 
His essence intermixed the two jewels
He is the donated uniform for the prisoners
He is the sage, cupbearer for the righteous [9]
His bazaar is now the outer limits of the creation
A new force has powered his affairs [10]
Forty days old infant, with the child talk
Forty-year old man to take lessons by
Most beautiful calligraphy of love now commenced written [11] 
A beautiful flower descended from the Gardens of Eden
A light from the vision that sees all [12]
A bird from the highest of all branches tall
From him birds of cosmos peck the seeds [13] 
They are all prostrating lowered to him
And he, because of a single seed of benevolence [14]
Wears the garment and jewels of the Paradise
Had such incredible seed at his side
Much less gratitude he sang a song…
Though has come to exist by prayers [15]
Though entire universe bows to him disposed [16] 
On the gates of that prostration, all glances
Forgot the homage, and the raucous began… [17] 

(To Be Continued, 50 more verses to be added soon by Allah's Grace)
Awakens deep within me the ever-lasting fragrance of an omni-directional love, when I condense all my being into a pressure point to know... there was a most beautiful moment when… It was Beloved and no one else. No one for Beloved to love, and no one to love the Beloved in return.
Much pleasure monsoons upon I, wondering about that possibility! My being void and all is left my portion of love, serene... left un-abused and pure within the sanctity of the Creator.
I am that slave in love with his chains and abhors the abomination of this freedom called the world or the life.
Nezaami teaching us something of great value. There was no love in the begining!? And when the Beloved commanded to be loved, we and all in the heavens and earth came to be for one singular purpose of adoring and loving the Creator.
When a child is born, the first endeavor he embarks upon is weeping. He is crying because thrown away from the Creator, his most prized Beloved. And he even as a tiny newborn knows that fact well, hence the tears.
When a man dies, all his bodily and psychologically functions cease all together. No one ever hears from him again. Because he is so eager to return to his Beloved and nothing of this world would desire again... Much less to return to this life.
Our beginning is love, our end is also love and in between merely loss.

[0] This is a poem from "Makhzanol Asraar" or "Treasure Trove of Secrets". A king named Fakhr-eddin Bahraam Shah ruler of Arzanjaan commissioned the work.
[1] If you can imagine a moment when there was nothing created, you fall immediately in love with the Beloved, the Creator of all things. Why? Because in that precise moment, you comprehend that you were not and nothing else was, Allah was there and (the only thing you can comprehend of that moment) the love of the Creator for you! And the only real thing in this world is this one-way love from Beloved towards the creation. The rest are subject to this fact. And all Sufism is all about this, to understand and cherish this one-way love.
[2] Prior to creation of humans there were other creatures created by Allah from light, flames and what we do not even understand. Some of these creatures roamed on this earth much before man appeared.
[3] The Arabic/Koranic word ‘Khilaafat’ was used which means to succeed someone or to replace someone. The poet uses the exact word used in Koran in relations to creation of first man (Koran [2:30]):

"Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: "I will create a vicegerent on earth." They said: "Wilt Thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood?- whilst we do celebrate Thy praises and glorify Thy holy (name)?" He said: "I know what ye know not."

[4] Flag at rest meaning fallen by sins, Flag raised means repent and staying away from evil. Poet says, the man was created part-righteous part-sinner and in either case he has no choice.
[5] When you see a hungry person, what is inside you that compels you to feed the person? That undeniably clear and powerful urge to help in time of crisis has been taught to you by your Creator, which is one of Its many attributes (i.e. Sifat Arabic word used by the poet). In Koranic expression this attribute is called ‘Rahim’ or merciful. When you see a person who is ignorant, that certain urge to teach him what he knows not, again was an attribute taught to you by your Creator. In Koranic expression this attribute is called ‘Alim’ or knowledgeable.
[6] Nezaami is merely expresses the versatility of man. He can be gold, pure and precious. Or a judge of good and bad like a scale. Or can be a manager, trader someone who transacts like a jeweler, honest or not.
[7] I suspect the mirror expression stems from the Koran [6:38], we are only small-percentage-DNA strands off from any living being we know of! As though we are a mirror reflection of all that is on this planet. To read about this more please click on this DNA Accounting there is more...
[8] Two cradles perhaps refer to creation first in Paradise and then rebirth on this earth. Therefore man is a mixture of heavenly attributes and lowly earthly temporal ones. This combination is what man is. Do not make him purely either one. He is no Angel and he is not all earthly and materialistic, he is in between.
[9] Poet is merely trying to render our ability as humans to succumb to lowly life or at the same time aspire lofty and be the sage teaching (cubbearer) the righteous.
[10] Mankind is pushing the envelop on the creation by being very advanced ensemble designed with perfection and affection by the Creator. It seems that man commands great power within its grasp, he can re-arrange atoms and re-design molecules or release the energy of atoms into terrific explosions resembling a sun. Nezaami gives the example of Prophet Jesus PBUH, a child barely able to talk in cradle but empowered to teach old men.
[11] A beautiful calligraphy or artwork, labor of love, in Paradise being displayed i.e. the Mankind. If you wonder why the calligraphy: All commands of the Creator are in some sort of wordings, as soon as The Majesty utters them they are executed immediately (Koran [2:117]). Nezaami says that the origin of man was a few beautiful words form the Creator. No more no less, hence the calligraphy.
[12] A light has been emanated from Allah, which is this Mankind poised as the highest of the highest of the Creation.
[13] Birds of cosmos are the Angels. Pecking seeds from Mankind means to learn from man. This refers to the Koranic revelation [2:32], when Allah ordered Mankind to teach the Angels the knowledge they knew not to convince them about the superiority of human beings.
[14] Nezaami makes it clear; Mankind was not created on his own effort. Nor any other members of the Creation created him. A seed of kindness and love from the Beloved the Creator created him. For that reason he enjoys such luxuries of existence. And for that very reason he is an ingrate forgetting his Beloved.
[15] This I suspect is a reference to the fact that Angels pray for mankind, indication by Koran [42:5]:
"The heavens are almost rent asunder from above them (by His Glory): and the angels celebrate the Praises of their Lord, and pray for forgiveness for (all) beings on earth: Behold! Verily Allah is He, the Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."
[16] After the Angels saw the superiority of man’s knowledge and support from the Beloved. They were ordered by the Creator to bow to Man, Koran [18:50]:

"Behold! We said to the angels, "Bow down to Adam": They bowed down except Iblis. He was one of the Jinns, and he broke the Command of his Lord. Will ye then take him and his progeny as protectors rather than Me? And they are enemies to you! Evil would be the exchange for the wrong-doers!"
[17] But not all bowed to Mankind and some revolted against him and their Lord. The main objection was the fact that man is so corrupt and violent. Angels could see that within him by just looking at him. And that was the beginning all the stories we have heard…

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