The Perfume Maker


For this day and forever there is no doubt that I am wearing
                                       The scent of That Perfume Maker
And for certain the almonds of my eyes shall roast glaring at
                                       The dawn of That Sun Maker

A lost bedouin midst the dunes of steel and concrete in love with
                                       The Face of That Love Maker
Gulped down every goblet I could savour so might be drunken in
                                       The Vineyard of That Wine Maker

Gave a thousand births and died a thousand deaths for the sake of
                                       The Love of That Life Maker
Dara begged for one caress of Your Hand and his heart shattered by
                                       The Glance of That Heart Maker


[1] ‘one being filled with the scent of the perfume maker’ refers to the Sifāt (Divine Attributes) that have been vitiated and endowed upon the human being e.g. mercy, beauty, justice and so on. These attributes for us are like having the scent of a perfume, and Allah is the Perfume Maker meaning we were close to Allah in Azal (Sempiternity) and we absorbed some of that perfume i.e. the Sifāt (Divine Attributes). Why the word perfume is used versus some other similar object? Because the scent of the perfume fills up a room and no one can tell the direction the scent is emanating from. So we have the scent but we have no idea where it originated from.

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda