Chapter 27
Elan (Iraadat) [0]
Allah the Most High has said:

"Send not away those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking His face"
Anas narrated from the Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him, “When Lord wishes a good thing for Its salve makes him busy with some affair.” People asked, “What kind of affair to be busied about?” Prophet responded, “It will give him success to do something good prior to his death
Imam said, “Iraadat (Elan) is the beginning of the path for ‘Salek’ (traveler)”. Elan is the first step for the seekers on Allah’s path. It is called Iraadat (Elan) because to will with passion and eagerness to do something is the preamble for all affairs, without it there will be failure. Iraadat is the deliberate intention and will to pursue the path (towards the Beloved). ‘Morid’ (avid seeker) is fevered by the passion since he is endued with Iraadat (Elan), just like a person is Alim (scholar) because he is endued with Elm (knowledge). However a person is not a Morid (avid seeker) if he has Elan/avidity/eagerness for his Self, unless & until he is denudated and disrobed from Elan for his Self there is no way to be on the Tariqat (path), such is required by the fervor of passion (for Beloved).
Many people have said much on Iradaat (Elan).
Old Sages have said Elan (Iraadat) is the abatement of the habits, which conquers the folk eventually. Turning one’s back to the dominion of negligence and lusts thus renouncing the desires that calls upon the Self. And this state of forsaking the Self’s habits is called Iradaat (Elan). But the reality of Iraadat (Elan) is the ardor of a flaming love that burns all that Self fears!
An old sage narrated once I was lonely so I yelled out, “Mankind and spirits do talk to me” and voice responded, “What do you want?” I said, “I seek the Lord”. The voice asked again, “For how long?” (To know how long to prevent people from talking to the sage or busing the people around to stop talking to the sage).
Imam has said, “Day and night, Morid’s (avid seeker) appearance is that of Jihad (struggle) and his inner attribute of endurance, restless sleepless throwing his Self into all kinds of hardship and suffering. He turns not the back to any affliction, pain or fear, forsaking wife, children, relatives and friends.
I heard Abu Ali saying, “Iraadat (Elan) is a flame within the heart flaring burning smoldering”. Also I heard him saying, “I was smoldered by the flames of Iraadat (Elan) when I was young, alas! I wish I had known the true meaning of the Iraadat (Elan)”. (Did not know what to do while afire with Iraadat and probably did useless things which prolonged his burning)
It has been said that Morid (avid seeker) is someone for whom the continuing extra acts of worship (Navafil) are made easy and loved for him. He advises the folk sincerely and devotes his time to solitude. Endures his destiny and sacrifices his Self, ashamed of his Self and that which calls for Self’s efforts he puts downs. Whatever may help him to get closer to Beloved he clutches at. Whatever he needs he is content to less, his heart is not at rest until reaching the Lord.
Abu Bakr Daq-qaq said, “There are three plagues for Morid (avid seeker) lusting after women, writing stories and taking leisure trips”. (Writing stories I assume means writing for fame and fortune).
Haatam Asam said, “When a Morid busied with other than his goal (Beloved), know for sure that he has lost his devotion already”. (In other words no excuses no exceptions)
Kataani said, “Three things govern a Morid (avid seeker), succumbing to sleep (collapsing), eating to avoid starvation, speaking only if necessary”.
Daq-qaq said, “The extremes of Iraadat (Elan) is when one uses Ishaarat (metaphor, hints, examples…) to point at God and at this hint finds Iraadat.” I asked, “What is the end result of Iraadat?” He responded, “To find God without any Ishaarat (metaphor, hints…)”.
Abu Osman Hairi said, “If life does not commence with proper Iraadat (Elan), it only prolongs the misery and misfortune”.
Same Osman said, “If a Morid (avid seeker) hears something of a knowledge, know that the light of this knowledge shall shine upon his heart for the rest of his life and much benefit will come to him, and if he tells others about this knowledge they also will receive benefit”.
Yahyaa Bin Mo-Oz said, “The hardest thing for a Morid (avid seeker) is to socialize with others (non-Morids)”.
Yusof Bin Hussein said, “Anytime a Morid (avid seeker) busied with occupations, shall gain no results and profit”. (If you wonder why a lot of things fail for you it is perhaps an edict that you are blessed as a Morid you just don’t know it)
Jonaid was asked, “What benefit is for Morid (avid seeker) to learn about history and other such narrations?” He replied, “History/narrations is an army from Allah to strengthen the Morid” Jonaid was asked again, “Is there a proof for this?” and he quoted Allah, “All that we relate to thee of the stories of the apostles, with it We make firm thy heart “ Koran [11:120].
Jonaid said, “True and sincere Morid (avid seeker) is in no need of the knowledge of the scholars”.
There is a difference between Morid and Morad (Desired by Beloved) which both mean active seeker imbued with Elan. If the Iraadat (Elan) had an spectrum the Morid is the beginning and the Morad the very end.
Morid exposes his Self to much sufferance (to step upon the path of love), in contrast Morad (Desired by Beloved) steps on the path with no troubles (hard work or afflictions). Morad (Desired by Beloved) is left at ease and the ways of Allah differs from one seeker to another.
So many at the very beginning of the path find the Beloved right away with no work or effort or hardship and the rest must mediate and suffer for years to get to the same point.
I heard Abu Ali saying, “Morid carries (the burden), Morad (Desired by Beloved) is carried”.
I also heard from him that Prophet Moses Peace Be Upon Him was a Morid, “(Moses) said: "O my Lord! expand me my breast” Koran [20:25]. Our Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him was a Morad, “Have We not expanded thee thy breast?” Koran [94:1].
Jonaid was asked about Morid and Morad (Desired by Beloved) and said, “Morid (avid seeker) is subject of the politics and influences of the knowledge (knowledge driven), whereas Morad (Desired by Beloved) within the sanctuary of Allah sheltered affectionately cared for. Morid is a runner but Morad a bird. How can a runner keep up with a bird?”
Abu Yazid Bastami was criticized, “How much longer sleeping in comfort, the caravan (of love) left (towards Beloved and you are left behind)?” He replied, “Morad (Desired by Beloved) is the one who sleeps the entire night, but at dawn he has already reached the destination prior to the arrival of the caravan (of love)”.
[0] ‘Iraadat’ is a Farsi word originally Arabic which means to be willed by the Lord to do something or to love someone without knowing them well or love with faith & sincerity. Elan in English means the positive feeling of wanting to push for something or a feeling of strong eagerness or ardor inspired by passion and enthusiasm. Words Morid (avid seeker) & Morad (Desired by Beloved) are extracts of the Farsi/Arabic word Iradaat.

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