Qoshairi Manifest
Chapter 3
Serr (Divine Observatory)
Probably Serr is something, within human beings, immensely elegant and refined similar to soul. Fundamentally it is a place of observation as the soul is a place of loving (Mahab-bat) and the heart (and mind) is a place of cognizance (Mar’refat).
Some said you have no privilege whatsoever over the Serr and secrets of Serr are unknown to you and known only  by Allah Almighty.
Some also believe that Serr is more refined and elegant than soul and soul is nobler than heart.
It has been said that Serr(s) are free from bondage to anything and Serr is what has been concealed between the slave and Allah. Therefore some have said Serr(s) is virgin and untouched and no one can reach it through thinking or pondering. (Though it is within us somehow)
Some said the heart of a truly free person is the graveyard of Serr(s) (secrets). And others said if my shirt's button comes to know a Serr it would fall of.
Often in Sufi manuscripts there is a phrase after the name of a late Sufi sage as following:
“Qadosal-Laho Serro-hoo”
‘Qados’ means to sanctify (to make pure from sins and guilt) or to hold venerated and revered. ‘Serro-hoo’ means his Serr. (‘Laho’ is connected to previous ‘al’, which is Allah)
I suspect that this ancient term (eulogy) means:
“May Allah keep his Divine Observation (of secrets) pure from sins and mistake”
Allah knows best.

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