Qoshairi Glossary 

Khatara (Idea, Notion), Khawātir

Khatar is a form of calling or some kind of voice within a person, it may be originated as a call by:

1.    Angels
2.    Devils
3.    Nafs (Psyche)

If the calling is from the Angels it is called ‘Ilhām (Inspiration) from the devils it is called Wasāwis (Whispers) and if it is from the Nafs (Psyche) it is called Hawājis. The devil's callings usually incites the person towards sins, and the callings of the Nafs (Psyche) towards foul behavior e.g. arrogance. Similarly the calling of Allah is called Khātir.

It is the consensuses of all Sufi elders that whomever eats Harām (Unlawful) provisions cannot discern between the Angles’ ‘Ilhām (Inspiration) and devil’s Wasāwis (Whispers).

Again it is the consensuses of all Sufi elders that Nafs (Psyche) does not tell the truth and the heart does not lie.

Junaid distinguishes between the Hawājis of the Nafs (Psyche) and the devil’s Wasāwis (Whispers): Nafs calls upon the person persistently for long periods of time, while the devil gives up at the sign of first resistance and may resort to another temptation.

Some have said that the Angel’s calling may be agreed or disagreed with by the person but the calling of Allah i.e. Khātir cannot be disagreed with by the slave.