La Fle’ (The Bloom)
Ever so much time has gone by
And the universe went on concordant to the decrees of the Lord
Yet It is everlastingly unchanging in face of all events in the world
The Lord has made true this proverb:
If It closes one door, already has opened one thousand more
Presides upon the throne ordaining the affairs of universe, thus:
The folk sometimes happy and some other times melancholy [1]

Other than the drunkenness of love there is no other intoxication
Such overwhelming adversity thus be content in the face of afflictions
Mere thought of battle with You passing through the heart of enemies
The striking fear of Your saber shall slice them piece by piece
It is Your justice that empowers both hawk and sparrow the flight [2]
It is Your Edict the robust sequencing of the day and the night
Spend your life with a splendid heart since the gales of death
Shall uproot the lifelong tree of the ill-boding wicked
Which lifetime you know has last eternal?
Would the wheel of skies always stay high? [3]
Those good-willed towards You shall revel in jubilee
The envious of Your majesty in sorrow and melancholy

Timelessly roots amidst the orchards of nonbeing a mighty tree, branches stretched into the darkness aloft, blooming with the laughter of the Haitian orphan. The ignorant eyes behold a child’s smile sailing upon the impetuous ocean of life. The same eyes blinded by the light of this world alas! Shall satiate with the darkened dust of the tomb.
Hearken unto the fragrance of this blossom! Blooming in depth of the most black darkness ever, ironically bearing the fruit of most radiant light of the heavens.
Drown not into the ocean of darkness vexed by the storms of truth! Fear not the blindness deep within…
Hearken unto the effulgence of this apetalous flower! Rests behind which the infinitely layered veils of light upon darkness, presides beyond which the Beloved of the universe awaiting your stare!  [4]   
Hearken unto the darkness of orphan’s skin, the wordless chapter book of happiness:
Haitian orphan’s smile indeed the mantle upon a blossom of paradise adorned by the verdant beauty of the Creator sprouting over whomsoever beholding her...
Her darkness the ink for my pen, drunken by the effervescence of her gingerly smile, trembling with fear while stargazing upon her Mighty Master escorting her out from darkness into light.

[1] Roodaki teaches that there is no logic why some are happy and some not. Happiness and wealth rotates between people from moment to moment with not much of any reasoning. If someone has a lot and is happy does not mean God loves them and if the Haitian orphan has nothing does not mean God loves her not. The attachment of logic and judgment to prosperity and happiness is manufactured by man. No one knows whom God loves or dose not.
[2] We see hawk beautiful fast capable and we see the sparrow minute banal and weak. When you drive in the highway and see a hawk you are amazed and tell people to take note of it. But when was the last time you pulled down your windows to look upon a sparrow with admiration? For certain Allah’s justice ordains that both birds must fly in spite of our lack of interest in one.
Now people see the CEOs and politicians and wealthy on TV and they are Wowed! Just like the hawk. And they see the Haitian orphan and no feelings steered, like the sparrow. Be aware that Allah’s justice for both parties is the same. They both shall fly back to the Lord for their justice.
[3] I assume it means the sun being up all the time. Also it could mean to luck all the time.

[4] See Araqi on the veils of light upon darkness just click on this line...

Background: Haitian smiles. Tell me who is she smiling at? The light of whom hitting her eyes? Photograph by Carol Guzy.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda

  Calligraphy by Mohsen Kharrazi