Satin Sheets
One must sleep underneath the dust from within [1]
Though tonight you are sleeping under the sateen sheets
Who benefits from the companionship of the folk?
Since you shall be lowered to your grave alone
Your true companions are the ants and flies
Open your eyes now, clear all so bright
O! The one with the gray hair and lucks
Although his Dinar and Derham are much
Once he saw you his face turned yellow [2]
His eyes not blind though the heart getting cold
Our lives freely offering us much advice all so wise [3]
Our lives, if you carefully gaze upon filled with advice
It has counseled the pious: Be not in sorrow
How so many folk yearning for this day of yours  [4]

[1] I have learned from Baba Tahir that it is not important what you say or how much you know, what matters is who you are! Roodaki says words we all know from high school. But the way he says them from the depth of his heart ambushes our attention. Dinar and Derham are units of currency.
[2] ‘you’ I believe is the grave or death. He says although the old man has much wealth and although the flesh of his heart growing cold with death, his eyes still can see the depth of the grave i.e. scared into yellowish complexion.
[3] Lovers read the book of your life. This book is written by the Beloved, the Creator of Heavens and Earth. Read this book today. Else you shall read it with shame in front of The Majesty on the day with no sunset i.e. day of reckoning.
[4] Life is telling us, Hey! Your so-called “bad day” is the ultimate wish of someone far worse than yourself.

Background: Blind orphan in India 1980.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda

 Calligraphy by Mohsen Kharrazi