Under the Mapou Trees  [1]

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Between the pages of my Mos-haf  [2]
Wind blown blossoms of your lost smiles
Pressed to dry, dead sheets of happiness
Underneath the Mapou trees
Between the fallen leaves, the fallen orphan
Bookmarks the pages of my Mos-haf
Where Mary tasted the heaven’s delicacies [3]
When unbeknownst to boasting tempter
I was there to hear the fallen tears
Crushed between the pages of my Mos-haf
The serpent wiggling squirming into oblivion
The spill of its blood robbed my eyes blind
All I can see and for so ever
The beatitude of your darkness
Turkmen stallions of my tear-blinded eyes
Galloping the savanna of my runny irises
The sobs of invocations, stitching
From the Persian silken sighs of melancholy
Such Nubian robe of sufferance 
Perfect fit for your svelte supple waist
Dancing your way away from me
Dancing your way away from Haiti


At alarming rates the information from Haiti is evaporating from the Internet and less and less we understand and we are informed about what is going on there. No matter who I turn to, asking for prayers for Haitians more and more the gusts of rejections break my heart.

Murids (Seekers of the Divine) should be aware that what has transpired in Haiti, in some form or another in some time or whenever will come back to haunt the humanity, first and foremost the United States.

Please in these prosperous times, forget not the ailing and abandoned Haitian AIDS Orphans in your prayers. 

Background: Nurse Sarah sacrificed and risked her life to venture into the treacherous mountains of Haiti to deliver high-protein seeds to the natives. The AIDS orphan died in her arms within the minutes of the two pictures.


[1] Mapou trees are where underneath the Haitians performed Voodoo ceremonies. 

Mos-haf is the Arabic term for collected pages/sheets of scripture.

[3] Mary, mother of Jesus peace be upon them both, used to go to a remote location in eastern part of Jerusalem to meditate in solitude. When her caretaker would come to bring her supplies, he would find fine food with her already. Once he asked Mary: Who gave you this food, and Mary responded: This is from Allah.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda