The Minnow
Love, that Divine thirst
And every lover just a thirster
After all what remains but a mere question
How much of unquenched thirst there is to satiate?
Some lovers the scoop of one hand
For their thirst to quench
Some lovers a well or a brook
For their thirst to quench
Some lovers a lake or an ocean
For their thirst to quench
Some lovers a whale or a minnow
Never! Their thirst to quench
While the gaudy lovers’ magnificence
Adorning this world
Proof of their love mere appearance
I am that minnow
Who drank the oceans
Roasting under the Saharan sun slow
Where my arid death
Begets this waterless earth
Where my minuet life
Few glittering twitches of a tale
Proof of a love
That never quenched the lover’s thirst
Yahyā Bin Mo'āz wrote a letter to Bu Yazid saying, “I have drank so much wine from ITs (Lord's) goblets of loving” and Bu Yazid replied, “Other than you (others) have drank the oceans the skies and the earth and still unquenched and their tongues sticking out (dry) for more” and then versed this poem:

Amazed at the one saying: “I have remembered my Lord”
How could you forget what cannot be forgotten
Drinking Divine Love goblet over goblet
The wine unfinished and thirst unquenched

God sent a divine revelation to Jesus Peace Be Upon Him saying, “Once I see the slave’s heart devoid of loving for this world and the one after, I shall brim-fill it with My love”.

Source: Qoshairi Manifest Chapter 49: Love      

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Women and children dig for brackish water to use for washing near Limonade, Haiti, on Thursday, July 25, 2002. Most Haitian children spend a majority of their time getting water for their families since most Haitians do not have access to water. (AP Photo/ Daniel Morel)

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