The Osprey
Wallowing within the sea of Nonbeing, no needs left for the poor African woman, the outer limits of her impoverishment reached:

“Once poverty reaches completion the human being has reached the Lord”

And her neediness terminates forever since “An object going beyond its limits reverses to the opposite”.

Enrobed the sable silken gown of poverty
Gems and gnats of ailment the embroidery
Now that her nakedness no longer
Now that her gaze upon no other
But she within the solitude of Being and Nonbeing endured the existence & destruction, finds herself in no need of her Self nor any sustainer and has no heart begging for sustenance from any sustainer. Within this state she endures the duress of Nonbeing risen above the Being of her Self whereat glances upon the beauty of the Beloved beholds the darkling image of annihilated Self, wearing the veil of darkness upon her face, neither finds light within the hearth of her Being nor the manifest of a luminous face within the hearth of Nonbeing, inescapably forsaken within the darkness.
Your glance upon I afire
Through her vapid deadened eyes
Whilst my Self escaping the flames
Charred dancing in love midst the flares
Loveless and unbowed my pen
Lifeless and unnoted my death
If the affluent and an emaciated ailing African woman both brave the universe of Divine Love, the affluent is carrying a lantern and she a half-lit torch. Any breeze from the universe of love extinguishes the affluent’s lantern but flares up her torch.
The vexed osprey of her tense eyebrows
Carried mine loveless corps to fjords aloft
The shore-less sea of a Divine Love
Billowing upon every broken heart
Gazing upon the waves of this sea Eye-less
Laying upon the cliffs of denial I-less
Glimpse of the last sun-less osprey’s dive
The last of any vision within the eye
The eye that was once I or maybe my Self
Longing to glance upon the Beloved timeless
Note: The prose are from the Divine Love Lessons of Araqi click on this line to see the actual text.
Background: Theodetta (35) from Gikongoro in Rwanda is dying of AIDS. Her husband died of AIDS two months ago and she estimates that she has days left to live. At her side are her two children Phillis and Celestine. Photo by Chris Leslie 2002.

© 2004-2002, Dara O. Shayda