When I…

Stepped upon the Serpent of Destiny accidental
Wounded by its bite, venom of worldly love fatal
Ailing I am with causalities of mortal life
Suckling at my fatal wound, truth-fullest black-most lips
Trickling venom of destiny, corners of mine eyes moist
Tearful venom sullying my antique Persian face
And as I lay hopeless on these walked-not sands
Where a prophet once took his last courageous stance
“Lord… Thou didst make me, yet… Thou woundest me” I asked [1]
Let Destiny’s Serpent slither it may will and where
A tent, muddy roof, sand hill, palace or a castle
Scuttling around, with the demure of an old sage roves
Though Mankind and his many lusts it avoids
Alas! An unfortunate touch, like my child-like foible to elude
Face to face with the slit eyes and dripping fangs exude
Lo! When your heart filled with material love
And step upon the Serpent, indeed you must
Eyes rolling back into the darkness of skull
Comatose delirium of a sadistic mortal love
You hope, and perhaps the one and only cure
Ginger of her fingers nursing the venomous wound
Self! Hearken unto the whip of her glance
Lay withered on these walked-not shifting sands
Die now! Die wrapped in black velvet of her svelte arms
Die now! Die thirsting at black marmoreal Haitian wet eyes
Die now! Die humbled by golden folded knees, brown
Die now! Die in bondage of her willowy braids, twine
Background: A Haitian homeless woman.
[1] George Herbert
Sufi Terminologies:
Braids of Hair: The act of uncovering the truth like a hand pushing the braids away to see the beautiful and true face of a black woman
Folded Knees: Sitting on one’s knees in act of worship mixed with compassionate gesture of nursing for one’s love i.e. a pious nurse sitting on her own knees
Full Lips: Black lips are thick and large, pronounced to tell the truth, and other than truth it finds nothing else to utter, and by itself without any words or movements speaks the truth
Marble: Black woman is the mother of all nations stone foundation of humanity in body and heart like the marble she makes us strong and beautiful as well
Svelte Arms: Tremendous power caused by acquisition of Divine Beauty

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda