The Shattered Mirror
Midst the skies of Paradise
Hatched are the green birds
The moment the Restavec dies [1]
Ah! That precipitous glide
Resides within the bird’s bosom [2]
Forsaken Haitian orphan’s soul
Roaming free the pleasures of Paradise
Lanterns hanging from the Throne
Nestling within their light
Basking under the Beloved’s glance
The Restavec radiating eternally alive
While the universe enviously stares upon [3]
While the cosmos helplessly rushes towards
Look upon the flight-less bird of Paradise
This day the sullied face of a Haitian child
Tomorrow the capricious heavenly flight
Tomorrow supine to our vile graves you & I
Haiti! Heavens’ broken mirror, shattered hundred thousand pieces, each splinter scattered in some street corner, each an abandoned Haitian child.
Though the wide-eyed ignorant revels peeking through the kaleidoscope of suffering, mine eyes drowned piecing the puzzle together…
Come my love! Come look upon the jig sawed Haitian mirror, the light of Almighty reflecting from the sublime face of Restavec, that effulgent reflection of Beloved’s fragrance:
After all
Fell with melancholic precision
The smithereens of ‘once upon a time’ my heart
Side by side like an impossible puzzle
Smooth stretch of a mirror
The affliction’s kaleidoscope
Upon which if I look
Behold the beauty of Your Face!
[1] Restavec in Creole means ‘stay with’ which is a form of child labor/slavery where the children are offered to families, themselves poor, in return for a home and perhaps some food for the child. This free labor system has flourished into a crippling pyramid of failure in Haiti. Children are often raped and tortured, numbers in hundreds of thousands. After they are of no use the Restavec is abandoned in the streets.
[2] The green bird and lanterns are imagery I snatch from a narration from Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him, with regards to those who died or killed on the path of God, click here to read the full narration #27.
Always for these black children specially being Haitian a language of disgust or sympathy has been used. I thought to give them a prophetic language to honor them in lofty manner worthy of a martyr.
‘Throne’ is the regal throne of the Lord.
[3] The entire cosmos is an eye thirsting for one glance of the Beloved. All these movements in space-time and turbulences of our hearts are caused by the gravitation pull of the Beloved’s love, which all things rushes towards It as thought lovers seeking their Beloved.

Background: Haitian Restavec lying in streets while people going to work. Please click on the picture for more info.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda