Sultan of Hearts  

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Smashed through the gates of mine heart
You! That conquering Sultan of all hearts

Sealed the hidden secret of mine heart
That beautiful beautiful Divine Love

Though far far away been thrown by ‘I’
Cannot love no other than You my Love

The Divine Covenant of an eternal love
Since time immemorial between You & I

Till the endless end of all eternities continual
Yet heartache loss and evermore betrayal now

There is love because there is That Beloved! There is loss because there is Mankind! Deep within every Human Being there is a mirror reflecting the Lucent Unchanging Love of That Beloved. The dust of desires may occlude the shine of this mirror or the rust of betrayals may corrode the reflectivity of this mirror, but what remains invariant is That Immovable Beloved.

There is no creature in heavens & earth capable of betrayal but Man. His love and his betrayal the obverse faces of the same coin, the make up of his psyche—The inexorably linked love & loss.

The Haitian orphan knows not of these betrayals, asks not for lengthy analysis of what happened! The Haitian orphan has no comprehension of complex socio-political data of Haitian history or the foreign interventions or even the black slavery, what the child ‘beholds’ is the true Reality of life: More than a cup of water and a piece of bread life has not much else to offer.

This reality is not much different in USA or other wealthy countries, however the simulated comprehension of short-lived pleasures and numbing aspirations cloak the mirror of the hearts—The veil of analgesic ignorance.

The Haitian orphans have nothing to offer you per se, but the silence of their stare at the above said Reality of life: Wake up from the nightmare of the middle class life, wake up from someone else’s dream.

Background: Haitian Orphan in Orphanage “House of Hope”.

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda