That Day 

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That day when her tears set the lantern alight
I stepped in her darkness and my Self afire
That day when her sight set my wings aloft
I soared in her silence and my tongue-tied
That day when in her eyes my courage drown
I drank her wine and lost all of my Self drunk
That day when her words my soul’s crown
I was enchained and my guilty Self on trial
That day when her moans set my eyes' sun
I was burnt and my wide eyed Self so blind
That day when she died and angels left numb
I was dead but my arrogant Self pressed on

Background: Born HIV positive in Haiti, this 8_year_old AIDS orphan is often sick and too weak to attend school. Her grandmother has depleted her business capital and savings to provide medical care for the girl, who is likely to die before she reaches her teens. Carlos Brito / UPI Photo Service .

Download mp3: Two Iranian musicians in their early 20s composed this beautiful performance for our beautiful Haitian 8-year old, their band is called Good Persian Boyz. This is an experimental music for Persian Kamancheh and Indian Tabla in Esfahan mode and Kaharba rhythm (8 beats). If you listen carefully to the violin like instrument (Kamancheh) you hear THAT DAY WILL COME which means the day will come when we will finally meet that Divine Beloved.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda