The Blade
Iridescence of her skin
Scintillating finest sharpest blade
Against the whetstone of sorrows
Sharpened by the Divine Master
Mighty Master of all sabers
Sable saber of beneficence
Sable saber of complaisance
Sable saber of resplendence
Slashes away at my mortal ambiguities
Into never healing lesions of eternal clarity

Strike at this sinful heart that I may die within the solitary darkness of your hands. Slash this lying throat that I may confess in full, upon the dark marmoreal altar of your moveless lips, the truth. Forsake I drowning within the spilt blood of my Self, but let the dolphins of your eyes dive my tired soul into the depth of sea of Divine Love.
Wrap around me the cerecloth of your svelte arms and etch upon the broken tombstone of my forehead the epitaph of a kiss in sable: Here lies a warrior that died brave.

Background: Mother very ill with AIDS in Uganda 2001

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda