Two Windows
On a stone wall two windows enslaved apart
So long, so tired and so alone both of us
The wall made up of sable stones cold and hard
Silence enchained the tired full lips of ours
Moveless under the mighty weight of this wall
All nothing but our unrestrained love for you & I
Indeed the very infamous legend of cruelty & loss
Always a distance between the hands of ours
Bitterly passed days & nights of our lives
Though not much distance between us
But even this little bit is indeed too far
And between you & I the only caress
The most affectionate hand of the gales
As long as alive we are enslaved
Life of us nothing but this bondage
For us the escape is the death
Soon free, as we are almost dead
Couldn’t this wall all together collapse?
Crushed underneath, killed you & I
In the world-after holding each others’ hands
There, in our hearts no ailments perhaps
Between the lovers no pain of betrayal
And between their windows no stone walls

Background: Africa, Zimbabwe. September 1999 -Living with HIV and AIDS ... A couple at Mashambanzou, an AIDS hospice, which is operated by Catholic nuns. Helping people to die with dignity, it is so important," Sister Margaret McAllen says.

For my father Ebrahim, died Sunday May 2nd 2004 at noon while I was writing this...

This is the lyrics to another Persian 70's hit song 'Two Windows' please download below:


© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda