You & I
You & I are together though our hearts yet so far
Between us the wall of hundred deceptions continual
Nothing else left to say by neither one of us
The lamp of our laughter been out for so long
Countless many nights we sat you & I
Never to be broken our promises so devout
All words have been said and all indeed lies
All promises been broken and all simply loss
Red rose bushes in the yard long withered away
The old dotard clock stopped ticking on the shelf
The flowers yellowed on the rugs like in fall
Tired of daily nonsense talk of yours & mine
Soundlessly singing in unison
                        You & I
Together and yet so far
                        You & I
Tired of all these tales
                        You & I
Soundlessly singing in unison
                        You & I
Note: Red rose bushes are quite common plants in Iranian’s yards. Persian rugs are usually filled with pictures of blossoming spring flowers. The yellowing flowers on the rugs means even those flowers knitted in the rugs yellowed due to the prolonged melancholy. Every room in the house is wall to wall carpeted with flowery rugs. ‘These tales’ is the life of this world. The poem is mostly the lyrics of an old Persian hit song, some 30 years ago, by Googoosh and below you may download the original recording.


Background: Ugandan mother very ill with AIDS and her daughter. 2001.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda