Hadiqatol Haqiqah (Gardens of Truth)  

Chapter 6

Nightingale & Raven Story 

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In Rome, once were a nightingale and a raven
Both of them made a nest within some garden
Raven constantly walking the garden inside
Flying around and about the grass inside
The nightingale frolic in flowerbeds
Boasting and telling many love tales
Teased the raven that I am such a singer
Beautiful I am and yet you are so hideous
Raven was saddened and thus left the garden
Indeed so happy the nightingale took its place
Nightingale frolic raven with broken heart
A trap was placed by some child near by
Both entrapped with such bad fortune
Raven and nightingale by the bait’s lure
Said raven to nightingale: O nightingale!
At last even you too have become silent
Upon this path whether a nightingale or raven
Like upon a ship whether a torch or a lantern


It matters not who you are on the Path of Divine Love, since that Beloved beholds not your face but your heart.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda