On Attributes of Love
Speech is the physical manifest of love and mind, meanings the touchstone and scale for their measure. [1]
Loving is the selflessness and renouncing the ‘I’, love is something out of our essence from the realm of previous abode. [2] Forsake that which you love not, a shortcut for that which deep within. Once the dawn of love shines upon you, shall seek no one and no one can ever find you.
If fearing for your death, become a lover the ever-lasting death-less one. Death takes away the life of the living, death finds not the one given life by love. Love is the fire that setting all ablaze, love is the death for the Angel of Death.
A mighty glittering pearl once one beautified by love.
The one in bondage of his Self entangled, (must realize) there exists no Shaman [3] for the idol of love. Though on the outside much happiness and joy, moans of sorrow deep within the lover. Bruised and blue the bosom of the brave lover, thus is clipped the wings of the fortune’s dove.
On the quest for the satisfaction of people and approval of intelligentsia, running after acceptance with much sorrow. Sweet on tongue the fever of love’s affliction, Sweet rolling down the throat the burning of love’s decree.
If you yearn for jewels then mine, if you yearn for love then suffer. [4]
Loveless, arid and parched you are, unable to taste even a little breadcrumb. [5]
The man in depth of heart's darkness seeking to face the light, (like a seed) shall sprout out towards the luminous light of love. [6]
Mind, Self and Disposition instruments for living this life, Do you know what they are compared to love?
Self a design while Mind a painter, Disposition dust while love scorched earth. Once Mind paints afresh upon the Self the designs gone, once love’s savanna sprouts (through the earth) Disposition (dust) gone. [7]
Until such time solitary in seclusion with love, seeking (love) and escaping (Self and this world) are two main occupations.

[1] Arabic/Koranic word ‘Soorat’ was used which means to mold to shape to fashion, which in concept is applied to physical form. Therefore so far as humans go, love and mind have no physical manifestation except that of words! And the meanings of these words show the karat of the purity of both love and mind.
[2] Love is something “in and of itself”. It existed before the creation of man, rules the universe, found in every particle and every moment of time. Man is not exempt from infectious love. Love was there in Paradise for Adam and Eve and when they were disgraced and sent down to earth, the love accompanied them. Therefore the love Mankind feels within is not of this earth and originated from the previous station of existence i.e. the Paradise.
[3] In the Farsi manuscript the words reads exactly Shaman, which is the Russian for a devout holy man. The word actually comes from the Central Asian tribe of Tungus and it is pronounced as Saman. In Sanskrit it reads Sramana, which means the one going beyond to know. Sanaa-ee says this idol 'love' needs no Shaman i.e. the Self. If you want love, Self must be forsaken. You keep the Self then you forsake love.
[4] Mankind is marred with love! Because the true application and usage of this love are not meant for this universe. Love originates from Paradise and it shall be blissful only there. On this earth love shall bring much affliction. If you did not believe this, you would not be reading this line. These afflictions force the man to drop Self and emigrate back to Beloved, thus the pain stopped.
[5] This is a proverb phrase used by Rumi as well. In the desert people carry dried bread for later consumption. And unless water is used or much saliva it cannot be eaten. Kind of a pun I guess.
[6] Man is like a seed in darkness of the soil of heart. Hidden even from him self. In order for him to come out of darkness, like a germinating seed must be attracted and moved towards the light but not sun’s instead love’s! Such happens to a baby drawn out of the womb’s darkness towards the radiating motherly love. If man is loveless then it shall be un-sprout in the darkness if his own heart until he dies and then eventually pulled out of his grave rushing towards the light of the Beloved.
[7] Our desires are a bunch scratched up designs and our mind out of caution and intelligence draws over them better designs thus our desires often wiped off through this process. Our disposition and nature is really a very minor thing like a bit of dust, love shall spread its roots through the savanna and grab hold the soil of our humanity and there shall be no dust ever.

Background: A seed germinating in the dark forcing towards light.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda