Forbearance [1]
On Virtues of Knowledge, Magnificent Benefits Due To Its Superiority

Allah Almighty said, Koran [58:11]:
“Allah will raise up, to (suitable) ranks (and degrees), those of you who believe and who have been granted (mystic) Knowledge”

And again, Koran [39:9]:

"Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know?”
Prophet Peace Be Upon Him said:
“The scholars are the inheritors of the Prophethood.”
“Seek knowledge even as far as China.”
“The sleep of the scholars better than the worship of the ignorant.”
There are two kinds of knowledge:
The physical knowledge and the Spiritual/religious knowledge
The knowledge wafts towards the gates of the Lord, not towards the wealth, desires and pomp. What knowledge you possess (no matter how insignificant) [2] put into useful action, seek more knowledge even while at daily work.
Forbearance first—A must! [3]
Then follows the knowledge…
Let the book-knowledge benefit your forbearance [4]. Knowledge without forbearance the dust of the valley, knowledge with forbearance the respect and honor. Life without knowledge shall murder the heart; a barren branch shall only bear the fruits of deception [5]. The ignorant benefits from power and wealth, thus the reward for impatience arrives fast.
A man without knowledge is a sea-sponge for the pain [6]
The pearl of wisdom only found in depth of the oceans
One without knowledge definitely lost and misguided, his hands shall never reach the other hearth. Knowledge guides Mankind to bliss, ignorance guides Mankind to fire of hell. Knowledge the cause for prosperity and comfort, at peace indeed found the one in company of knowledge.
Hard at work each day the people of knowledge and arts
Each night their bosoms the galaxies and their reason the stars
Once Mankind’s endurance couples with knowledge, then they recognize all that is left only the folk and forbearance. [7]
Forbearance begets the knowledge
Just like the hardness of rocks begets the jewels [8]

Haitian student, that heart pulsating the wheel of cosmos and that reason the glittering of stars. Aweless stands upon the edge of the universe, the very edge of infinite misery where the humanity paused, when the most brave hearts lost to the horrors of ignorance and infamy…
Haitian student, that jewel the garnet of humanity the crystal of forbearance glittering underneath the glance of the Beloved…
Haitian student, that blossom upon the soundless branches of endurance, blooming with odoriferous light within the abject darkness of amnesia…
Haitian student, that Noah’s Ark sailing the vexed waves of adversities, anchoring upon the lofty Ayiti (mount) of the Beloved…
[1] The Koranic/Arabic word for forbearance is ‘Helm’. ‘Helm’ is the attribute of a soul that is not moved by anger easily, and if hate or denial comes his way is not defeated.
[2] Allah loves people who are useful and provide service for others. No matter what knowledge you have, say you know how to make coffee, on a cold day offer hot coffee to people. If you know how to clean, if you have an old neighbor clean their lawns. The man who puts the knowledge in practical use for fellow man, shall fall madly in love with the Beloved.
[3] Is there hate within you? Anger and animosity? Then your heart empty of mystic spiritual knowledge! Are you facing the betrayal and hate of people with clemency? Are you rising above your ego and arrogance to see the true/beautiful face of your brother and sister? Then knowledge is pouring into your heart.
[4] The reverse is to wallow in gentleness and clemency, when even the secular knowledge enhances your spiritual enlightenment into more forbearance.
[5] Human heart without knowledge is like a barren branch. Deception is the only fruit it can bear. Deceiving one’s own self that there is something useful on this branch or deceiving others that the person has something valuable within.
[6] ‘Sea-sponge for pain’ means a) unlike pearl the sea-sponge is so common all over the ocean; b) It absorbs pain for its owner and washes off on others much pain.
[7] When a man endures the pain and betrayals of this life, when the denials and deprivations cause the transparent welding of knowledge and forbearance, suddenly the lover’s heart enlightened with the fragrance of cognizance: There is only people—their misdeeds of no importance—and the lover drowned in forbearance.
[8] The immense hardness and pressure of rocks form the crystal of jewels. The same way the harshness of trials and their immense pressure on the heart causes the crystallization of forbearance into knowledge.

Background: Haitian students study under a streetlight outside one of the few homes that can afford to operate a gasoline-powered electric generator.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda