On Superiority Of Love: A Mere Hint Odoriferous Pleasure For The Hearts
Annihilation Of All Torments
That heartthrob, the lure for all hearts, love has come. Placing the head (Mind) upon the title for the book (announcement) of love has come. Love unearths the secrets only to the one decapitated, since It knows the head is such a trickster. Rise and show the love your stance since the caller the call-to-stand has already announced. [1] 
Love is the voice of silent words, love is the gown [2] enrobing the naked unclad. Love has no creator, loving due only for sweetest most ripened.
Love... That water setting the fire ablaze, has come!
Love… That fire setting the water ablaze, has come!
Love is free from the four nails of the body’s frame, (love) the cage-buster crafty wise bird. Know that a heart away from One-ness like a tame bird, a house pet. No ambitions towards lofty voyage, though has feathers has no sky-high flight. Pecking for seeds, best he can do, fluttering around the house the extent of his effort. [3]
Be the slave of love thus be emancipated from afflictions, ugliness and annihilation.
The slave of love is indeed a free soul, the one (sailing) on the safety of the boat, a pearl diver indeed not! Standing upon the deck filled with dreams, (instead of) depth of the sea where the quest for the pearl is. (Liar!) Seeker of the pearl and riding on this boat? Such homely intentions (contradictions) shall uncover no pearls.
Cut down on the greed for the glittering pearls, the mule tied in stable has no business with pearls. Leave the dry land to horses and mules, but if you reach the sea rush to dive deep. Sea-bound the man on the quest for pearls, life and mind always left bound in a harness. Charge! Towards the voyage of the sea, even throw your shadow within. As such do search for the pearl, otherwise (prisoners) in the shop: you, the mule’s harness and the bread’s procrastination. [4]
As long as fearful of your own shadow, the difference between the pearl and harness how could you know? [5] In love no room for the Self, what business for lovers and personal whims and desires?
Wordless, the genuine lover whom the life and body has forsaken readily. Anyway not that many places welcome this life and body, since false (gold) coins in a treasure not allowed.
The elegant, most graceful, the infinitely inventive designer the Creator, guilt-less and pure is It Self and demands the same in all affairs. Sacrifice your life upon the seashell [6] (the alter) of the pearl; else hold on to the mule’s harness fast. (Love) Told you to leave the shade of lust and desires; self-worship and pompous is indeed your pretend-obedience (for the Lord) not worth two leaves of hay. The dominion of dust! The playground for amusement and games [7], the universe of purity the true place for selflessness.
Self-forsaken ones benefit from love, love and desires of one’s self aim-less waste.
Lovers wrap the turban of darkened night [8] around their heads, but you! Wrap the fabrics of this world around (the mind).
Love is a fireman with no water, seek the love voraciously since remarkably rare it is.
Once the love stretches the hand (of friendship) most certainly crushed your spine! The feet of the lover the two hands of the lover tied to the wheel (of torture).
Alas! This concept can not share with you, because you are almost checkmate (or naked) [9] 

[1] I suspect this refers to the day-of-standing which is Koran means the day people are called to stand to settle their accounts, Koran [83:6]:
“A Day when (all) mankind will stand before the Lord of the Worlds?”
[2] Adam and Eve had customs that they wore in paradise. When they ate from the forbidden tree, this gown fell off them, hence the nakedness of Mankind. When they were sent down to earth, Beloved sent them garments to wear, Koran[7:26]:
“O ye Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness, that is the best. Such are among the Signs of Allah, that they may receive admonition!”
I guess Sanaa-ee referring to this gown as love from Beloved to cloaks the Mankind. Very pretty imagery.
[3] Those who are away from Tawheed(Oneness) are indeed happy with their little jobs(seeds), their little homes(cages) and roam around the house(this world) with no ambitions of flight towards the Almighty in heavens.
[4] Bread’s procrastination is the problems with daily needs. The shop and the mule are symbols of a workingman those days. I guess in today’s terms would be the cubicle and the SUV and busted 401-K plans.
[5] If you have fears of anything in you heart, no matter how tiny, you are NOT a lover! You will not know the difference between the glittering pearl of Allah’s loving beauty and the harness of a mule. That is why we are so indifferent to the Creator and what goes on around It, because we can not tell that apart from the stuff around us.
[6] The pearl I suspect is the beauty and love of the Creator. The sacrifice is to kill your Self and the seashell is this world.
[7] Playground for amusements and games is from Koran [6:32]:
“What is the life of this world but play and amusement? But best is the home in the hereafter, for those who are righteous. Will ye not then understand?”
[8] I am not sure but I think the poet is talking about the self sacrifice and dark sorrows that goes long with loving and heartache, while the non-lovers just have a regular turban of fabrics on their heads i.e. free from the trials of love and loving.
[9] The last word of the verse can read either still king in chess either by checkmate or whatever other moves, or it means nakedness. I guess the checkmate would mean stupid, and naked would mean love-less because earlier he talked about the gown of love covering the lover.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda