1. In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful
Commencement of all conversations is by the name of the Lord [1], The Unparalleled the Ever-dissimilar Nonpareil One. The sole creator of all creation the cause of all death, the knower of all secrets and the hearer of all sounds. Its peer-less unrivaled existence has no beginning, no end no bound for Its Regal Lordship. Has the Ever-unchanging Essence (Zhaat), which no pen can ever explicate, or words render any descriptions. Because It is outside the realm of thoughts, away afar and pure form How? What? & Why? [2]
The Ever-living, Self-subsisting, Omnipotent (Qaadir), The Almighty Subduer and Conqueror (Qaahir), The First (Awwal) of all the first(s) the Last (Akhir) of all the last(s).[2.5] Words dumb with impotence to describe It, imagination helplessly humiliated in grasping Its cognizance. [3]
No passageway for words towards any description, no passageway for imagination towards Its Essence. When did ever the conceptions and imaginations reach the immemorially infinite pre-existent universe (Qedem)? Since lofty and high is the courtyard of this past and ancient (eternal) world! [4]
O! Lover, the precise singular meaning (Nass) of Koran [5] (appointed as) the (exclusive) speaker of The Majestic Attributes (Sifat). “Allah bears witness[6] the proof from Its cognizance, “Nonpareil Peerless” Its attribute. Gave birth to no one and begot not from anyone, “Say: It is Allah, the One and Only” (Koran[112:1]) pure reason and uncontested proof. Its Essence away, afar and pure from space-time, utter ignorance and futile the efforts to deny or to prove. [7]
No one knows the end the bound for Its dominion, All depend on It and all void without It. Intermixes nor fuses with anything, when will anything be Its peer, similar or the same?

2. “There is nothing whatever like unto It” (Koran [42:11]), “For It is the One who heareth and knoweth all things” (Koran [6:13])
Singularly One & Separate (Witr) and Most Holy (Qoddus) and Most Unique One (Wahed) and Noble Master with no needs (But all come to It for their needs: ‘Samad’) “It begetteth not, nor is It begotten” Its precise rendition.
Was the First though has had no beginning, Everlastingly surviving all else though has no bound nor any end.
Its First and foremost fame the Immemorially Antique and Ever-lasting, finally surviving surpassing all via the eternal existence, Its Epithet.

Boundless in number and size are the structures found in the skies baffling the minds and eyes of the stargazers alike: No matter which direction they look and no matter what celestial structure is examined, it is mostly made up of Hydrogen and the electron spectrum of this gas is identical in all directions and in all the times known to Mankind. If there was only one designer for the universe and if this designer wanted to leave behind a signature like an artist, the constant spectrum of the Hydrogen atom would suffice! Moreover the same is observed for all other atoms and larger molecules. No matter which way you may gaze the water is the same, whether at Zero Kelvin in liquid ice form or in gas form, water is found the same but in huge quantities around the universe.
Hydrogen, water… are all found in huge quantities with exact physical and chemical properties to indicate: this signature of uniformity is maintained by the one designer with incredible powers of management and no chance of any change by another designer. Because if there was another then out of Its creativity and arrogance It would have changed the properties of substances to suit another purpose.
No matter which part of the universe we look at gravity pulls the same. The electromagnetic waves propagation and absorption unchanged! Such is the declaration of the physicists that laws of universe are unchanged no matter when and where!
Every man, every animal, every fish, every insect, every plant and every micro-organism known to man on this planet has almost the same much similar DNA structures within each of its cells! Count the cells of all creatures from the beginning of life on this planet to this moment, this huge number carries a signature of the Nonpareil designer who used the same building blocks so similar to build all living forms! Had there been another designer, It would have used other atoms for DNA or other molecular structures to make life to sign Its handicraft to differ Itself from others.
The Beloved Creator the designer of all things has left behind a terrifically beautiful signature testifying to Its One-ness! This is not the proof, this is an attempt to render the beauty of this signature, so personal and so wonderful.

[1] All tasks and writings start by the Name of Allah (The One God). Allah’s name is the key to unlock any treasure in the universe. If you seek the treasures of wisdom, the only key to open is the name of Allah.
[2] How, what and why are the faculties of our cognition for our daily affairs. They are not applicable to Beloved the Creator. It gave us these questioning faculties to find our way through the events of daily life and find our way into the circumstances of people and things around us like a map. However to traverse through Its attributes (Sifat) no room or need for any such faculties to question. When something happened to you and you cried, “Why God did this to me?” or “How could this happen to me?” in that moment of despair you were facing the Beloved and definite lack of response to your enquiry was a silent unearthing of the secret Hakim (Sage) Sanaa-ee reveals in this verse: It, the Beloved, is clear from any questions!
[2.5] No matter how hard you try to think of a time when there was nothing, you find it hard to imagine. Because in that precise moment you are facing the Al-Awwal another attribute (Sifat) of the Creator, which means no matter what is the beginning or the first, The Creator was there before! When you think about dying often it pops into your mind what will happen next? Or you see it rains and then water gone you ask where did it go? Because in that moment you are facing the Al-Akhir which is the attribute (Sifat) of the Creator to mean the last! No matter who/what/when was the last that the Creator was still living and operating after that.
[3] Any images in your mind is not It. Any words of description is not It. Any sounds or any person is not It. Nothing within our grasp whether in form of an ensemble of components or sudden flash of some mental experience is not It. If you have come to understand and imagine It then you have gone astray and need to start from scratch. That is why Sufi poets wrote about the Beloved again and again. Because each time they came close believing that they have a good grasp of It they knew that is the moment of being lost and therefore they started anew.
[4] Astronomers today know for certain that the outer space galactic and gaseous structures are relics of a distant past. Infinite universes and created beings came and passed prior to our creation and Sufis call that universe the Qedem or the immemorial pre-existent. We are but a blink of an eye in the history of creation.
[5] As mentioned earlier the words are forbidden to describe anything of Beloved’s attributes or abilities or features. However, Sanaa-ee notes that Koran is the exception as the words of this book are allowed to render some measure of description of the Creator. But not that many people can understand even Muslims!? The one able to comprehend this subtle point is the one who is a lover! Loves the Beloved the Creator of all things. So these words we call Koran (which means something to read) are the exclusive words and sounds which upon the heart of a lover cause genuine expressions and experience of description of Allah.
[6] Koran[3:18] The designer is the proof or the signature of the design; The Creator’s signature proclamation is enough proof for all we believe in.
[7] Silly religious people attempt to prove the existence of God and silly non-believers attempt to disprove the same. The reality of the Koranic verse, “Say It is Allah” means that if you even come to the point saying or wondering if there is any God, those thoughts words and doubts are placed within you by the Creator out of love and affection to assure you that It indeed exists. Because if It did not, there would have been no such expressions of faith nor doubt. If you reach such faith or doubt, then you have already seen the most beautiful face of the Beloved staring at you.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda