In Love
If you yearn for eternal life, Rise! And travel with love. Go! And preach love since that is what it is all about, (and on this path of love) traveler shall find no better manifesto to chant about.
Impossible to speak the secret language of love, since mere words bear no glittering pearls at all. No matter what you utter, be assured that love is something else. Think not of love as a few letters, instead a secret hidden behind few alphabets. Heart is in charge of speaking the secrets of love, the adornment for heart’s proclamations is indeed love.
Loving not something of this world, loving no tall tales and legends. The universe of love is indeed another world, love infinitely loftier than this lowly word. Love’s hearth not just any home, and love desires not this terrestrial world. Love shall not land in just any dominion, the exclusive chamber of love is indeed the heart.
The stallion of love gallops fast, from one moment to the next in another place. Whomsoever rides along with love, his home on the other side of the universe.
The heart that is not redolent with the fragrance of love, just rubbles not a heart. Converse not in vain “this and that” about love, Rise! And bathe your heart in the waters of truth. Worship with heart against the evil of lusts, embark upon loving once purified from. Loving and love not mere games, lusting with desires never better than loving.
The one dying on the path of love, in the universe of perfection (Paradise) shall find life.

Background: Heart Muscle.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda