Sarcophagus of Amnesia 

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This night and again lain incurably sleepless upon the bedding of amnesia’s briers, the thorns’ sting, each enunciate distinctively the timeless pain of a gashed wound, yet precisely bleeds not through my skin however tears through my vapid eyes, as I the arrogant sultan of negligence, measuring the comatose passage of the night by the dripping of my tears, each moment nothing but the immemorial longing for That Face whom my eyes thirstily remember though my mind eagerly forgot.

This night lain unfulfilled upon the dunes of Amnesia, I make love to the sahara of desires and she begets the bastard child of barrenness, my runny irises her only oasis, the spring of my pupils gushing with vacuous darkness, my eyelashes sieve the torrents of the tears for that one priceless nugget of Divine Remembrance (Dhikr).

This night lain exhausted underneath the atmosphere of my emotions, staring at the bestarred sky of my desires dreaming about the eternal repose of that capricious moment when I remember Your Face and while the fallen stars streak down my sullen face the seed of a preexistent tree planted and thunderless clouds of Mahab-bat drizzle love while the sprouting seed of Remembrance roots within the earth of Qadim, branches stretched within the skies of Azal and blooms the blossoms of light.  [1]

This night and again lain breathless swaddled ‘I’ up in silken bandage of the future and mummified my immovable Self within the sarcophagus of the past, and instantly the bandits of amnesia rubbed the treasures of the pyramid of the Present. Crushed underneath their hurried stampede the porcelain jars filled with my heart & soul and the fatalistic drummer keeps the amnesia’s tempo beaten upon my hollow torso aloud. [2]

[1] Mahab-bat is Divine Love, Qadim is preexistent time immemorial or way before when there was no passage of time and Azal is Sempiternity a causeless eternity with no beginning. Clouds raining love is from Kharqani.

[2] Fatalistic drummer from TS Elliot.

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda