Forty Sessions (Chehel Majlis)
Morshed (Spiritual Guide)

Sheikh Semnani said, “Although it is not mandatory for a Morshed (Spiritual Guide) to say, “I am a Morshed (Spiritual Guide)” and invite the people to himself and indeed it is only mandatory for a Prophet to say, “I am Prophet”, however if someone, a prospect student (Morid), whose Baten (Depth Within) enlightened by the Divine Luminosity of the Allah Almighty it is mandatory for the Morshed (Spiritual Guide) to diligently serve that person—heart & soul—and no matter what transpires he will strive hard (to guide the person).
Prevents the student from whatsoever of harm upon the Tariq (path) and gracefully admonishing in most personalized wise & proper manner. Upon the negligence & failure to carry out this grave responsibility Morshed (Spiritual Guide) is punishable by Allah. The rest, whether fortune or misfortune for the student, is not under the control of the Morshed (Spiritual Guide)—all in bondage of Divine Power & Benevolence. No more than this lection (Nass) of Koran [28:56]:
It is true thou wilt not be able to guide every one, whom thou lovest; but Allah guides those whom It will and It knows best those who receive guidance.”
Anything else applies to any Morshed (Spiritual Guide), since everyone is solely responsible for their own mission and as long as focused & busied with that task doing the best and hoping for the bliss.”
One of the Dervishes conveyed the story of Sheikh Safyed-din in Ardabil (Azerbaijan, Iran), “The Sheikh used to stop us respectfully and constantly seeking students and was elated by the numerous students he had instructed (boasting proudly). He used to say, “There is no other Morshed (Spiritual Guide) than I and all people come to me for guidance & counseling”.
Sheikh Semnani said, “Our times indeed such amazing days! I used to enquire about him (Sheikh Safyed-din) and was told he ceaselessly instructs the students to obtain their livelihood through Halal (Lawful) means and vigorously persists upon the Zikir (Divine Remembrance) of Allah Almighty. And I love Sheikh Safyed-din because of these two Tariq (Way of Zikir & Halal Provision) and I sighed sorrowfully wishing that there were a thousand like him this day & age.
Anyway, whether he can do better or not or someone else can do better or not, he is instructing people to Zikir (Divine Remembrance) and Halal (Lawful) obtaining of provision, thus he has not invented & introduced anything new into the religion and people are benefited spiritually by the Divine Remembrance.
However it seems that within him there is yearning for fame & pride, their harm shall only be inflicted upon himself, hoping very much Allah Almighty to forgive him. However, in spite of all this, within him there are copious blessings causing the corrupt halting & forsaking their immoral depravation.
Guiding & counseling the students vs. delivering the Seekers (of the Divine) to the final destination, are two different things.
A righteous man walks one step upon the Tariqat (Passageway to Divine) and one hundred steps upon others (wrong paths), since the back roads & exits are plentiful and if not knowing the wrong paths (by personal trials) how can he be guided? If someone does not know the pitfalls and back roads to misguidance, should not embark upon directing & counseling the Muslims.
Alas! This is the hour of religious inventiveness (deliberate falsehood) and gluttonous devouring of Haram (Unlawful) provision. The innovators of falsehood enrobed the gown of righteousness and hailing misguidance as the true guidance. Therefore, even if someone is empowered to prevent & forestall the Muslims from the ardor & élan of Satan guiding towards the Zikir (Divine Remembrance) of Allah Almighty and cleansing their provision by means of Halal (Lawful) acquisition, what else could be better? May his Lord bless & reward him.”
Today the Muslim clergy barks at the CNN microphone like a hunting dog chasing away the innocent women & children to certain death & destruction, mindless of the reckoning & accountability awaiting him shortly. The innocent will also be asked, “Why did you follow the wrong doers? Just because of their facial hair or fabric of their cloths?”
Hark! Yaa Muslim! Yaa Sufi! Follow not, obey not the desires of your heart for world conquest and call it the religion or spirituality, follow who reminds you of the Divine Sublime Beloved understand the Tariq (Path) of obtaining Halal (Lawful) livelihood and deliver your children to the beginnings of the Tariqat (Path to the Divine) and invite not people & their children to death & destruction.

© 2004-2001,  Dara O. Shayda