Ishārāt Wa Tanbihāt (Pointings and Awarenesses)

Spoken Words 2: Ilāhiyāt (Divinity)

Namat (Formal Argument) 4-7: Being and its causes   

Chapter 27: Tanbih (Awakening)

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For Al-Awwal (Primordial First) there is no simile for IT, and no opposite for IT, and no genus for IT, and no partition for IT, and no limit for IT, and no Ishārat (Pointing) towards IT except by the ‘Irfān (Divine Gnosis) of the ‘Aql (Intellect).


Al-Awwal is the primordially absolute First; any other 'first' took place after Al-Awwal; the furthest away pronoun IT: The Absolute Absence; Al-Awwal antecedent of reasoning logic thought being non-being; Al-Awwal antecedent of why what how where when; Al-Awwal antecedent of who which that this; Al-Awwal antecedent of proposition question guess proof; Al-Awwal antecedent of causation causelessness order chaos symmetry asymmetry; Al-Awwal antecedent of before after during; Al-Awwal antecedent of inside outside towards away.

There can be no simile for Al-Awwal since IT is antecedent of simile. IT cannot belong to any genus since Al-Awwal is antecedent of membership set class group and genus. Similarly, Al-Awwal is antecedent of opposite partition and limit and for that matter any concept or description or process.

No one can point at Al-Awwal because IT is antecedent of the act of pointing in concept as well as in an actual instance of implementation; IT is antecedent of any pointer instrumentation.  

However due to ITs illimitable affection for human being, Al-Awwal allowed for one exception: Human being can point at IT by means of his or her ‘Irfāni (Gnostic) ‘Aql (Intellect). You may say this in a different phrase: Human ‘Aql (Intellect) is the exception to the rule of Al-Awwal for IT no pointing allowed save the human’s ‘Aql. Or you may paraphrase: IT points at Al-Awwal, IT points at ITself and human ‘Aql (Intellect) is entangled, inexorably, within this pointing.  

Note: Not all Sufis have agreed that one can do Ishārat (Point) towards Allah. Instead they have said Allah points at us and we ‘feel’ something, which is what we consider being cognizant of Allah.  

Chapter 28

Ishārat (Pointing)

Al-Awwal is the primordial origin for IT knowing/cognizant about ITself, subsisting upon ITself, for IT perpetually subsists free from any bond/attachment, any weakness, any instability and so on. As known to you from before, whatever has such valuation, indeed IT knows about ITself, IT is known by ITself.


The most paramount fact about IT is that IT primordially knows about ITself and IT is known by ITself guiding towards the ‘Orf (Divine Cognizance) that IT loves ITself and IT is The Beloved for ITself.

Had this not being true, there would have been no knowledge anywhere in the universe an there would have been no love, loving, lover or beloved anywhere.

You love someone because IT loved ITself as Al-Awwal—The Primordially First Lover and Beloved—and your love for that someone is a mirror reflecting: IT Loving ITself; or you being the beloved for someone is a mirror reflecting: IT is The Beloved for ITself.

Background: When the Hubble deep-filed aimed at a tiny patch of the sky, scientists expected to see mostly nothing and then perhaps some few glittering structures. To humanity’s surprise Hubble saw cornucopia of stellar structures, basically looking back into time, and that is the proof/guide/pointing for the Al-Awwal:

1.    Had there been nothing and then universe exploded into existence, looking backwards in time we should see less and less stellar objects.
2.    But there is/was the Singleton Primordial First, and there is no simile for IT i.e. Being-ness of other than IT always is increasing in numbers since other than IT does not have Tauhid (Divine Oneness).
3.    So there is one Primordial First therefore the rest of the universe is infinitely many.
4.    The closer we attempt to get to this Primordial First we fail and the manifold existence of stellar structures, in increasing numbers, is the proof of this failure

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