Book 7
Chapter 23
Adab (Etiquette) For Morid (Seeker) & Beginners
I have read in the book of Abu-Torab Nakhashbi that Hekmat (Firm Wisdom) is a battalion amongst the armies of Allah, which gives power to the Adab (Etiquette) of the Morids (Seekers Upon the Divine Path). Jonaid narrates that a sage amongst the Sufi Nation was asked, “My Sage what is the benefit of the Qasas (Stories) for the Morid (Seeker)?” and he replied, “These stories are battalions amongst the armies of Allah which gives power to the life of the Morid (Seeker)”. I asked him if he had any proof for what he said and he mentioned the verse, “All that we relate to thee of the stories of the apostles, with it We make firm thy heart: in them there cometh to thee the Truth” (Koran [11:120]). (Stories are the tales of the prophets and wise folk in the past)
Yahya said, “Hekmat (Firm Wisdom) is the fan that blows away the unpleasantry of this world from the heart of the Morid (Seeker)”. Memshaad Dinwari said, “My eyes are lid by the resplendence of the true Faqir (Pauper) and the Morid (Seeker) of the Truth is the beatitude of my heart”. (The wealth of the Sufi Nation is not the books & tombs, it is the Faqir & Morid. Faqir (Pauper) is the torch that illuminates the eyes in future to see the path and the Morid (Seeker) the everlasting pleasure of our hearts)
Abu-Torab said, “Ria (Dissimulation & Show off) of ‘Aref (Divine Cognoscente) is the Ikhlaas (Sincerity) of the Morid (Seeker)”. (This could mean no matter what measure of sincerity Morid acquires should not be arrogant because his sincerity is the hypocrisy of the ‘Aref. So the Morid at all times should keep a low opinion of his achievements. See The Semnani’s advice III for more on this topic. Don’t count the mileage just drive as fast as you can…)
Abu-Ali Kaateb said, “Once the Morid (Seeker) completely cuts the ties with people and seeking the sanctuary of Allah, his first advantage is his needlessness from all”. (Cutting ties with people does not mean he goes into a cave, it means he does not ask anything from the people and does not depend on them in order not to burden anyone with his needs & evil)
Shebly was asked, “If the Morid (Seeker) is fallen upon the state of Hayrat (Bewilderment) what should he do?” He replied, “Hayrat (Bewilderment) has two types, 1) Caused by affright of the sins or 2) Caused by the reflection of the beauty upon the heart”. (Ok I guess Shebly means it all depends on which type of Hayrat the Morid is experiencing if bewildered due to his own evil then clearly he must repent and change his behavior, if he is bewildered by the perplexing beauty of the nature around him then he should look & learn more about these beautiful things and offer Shokr (Gratitude) to Allah and to offer Sobhan (Adoration) as well. Things were created beautiful for a reason. Sins are created for a reason too.)
Shebly adds further, “In the beginning of my Solook (Voyage) if got sleepy I would put salt in my eyes or worse sting it with needles!” (Well Starbucks solved that problem for us, what he means is the measure of the dedication of the seeker even if he is overwhelmed by the affright of his sins or perplexed by the beauty surrounding him, still he must maintain these states of by extending the awareness as much as possible)
Abu-Said Kharraz said, “The sign for a Truthful Morid (Seeker) is the overwhelming & overpowering impact of the love affection compassion generosity and patience within his heart to the point that his slave servant would consider him as a land to do with it as the slave desires. For the elderly the Morid (Seeker) is a good son, for the children Morid (Seeker) is watchful father. For people at large he complains, in unison, with their complaints and is sorrowful for their suffering but deflecting their annoyance (towards him i.e. does not respond to them if they annoy him). Allah demands this demeanor from Truthful Morid (Seeker) until the mantles of duality between the Morid (Seeker) & Allah is removed and each day that the Morid (Seeker) has this conduct Allah is pleased with him”.
Sahl Ibn Abdollah said, “All struggles, all affairs of the Morid (Seeker) ought to be focused around the establishment of Wajib (Mandatory Duties) seeking the Lord’s forgiveness for his sins and living peacefully & salubriously amongst the people.
Yusof Bin Hussein was asked for the sign of a Morid (Seeker) and he replied, “Morid (Seeker) mingles with no one else unless others have the same motives at heart and seeks peace & blessing even for his enemies as if they were his friends. (Cont. ?) The sign of True Morid (Seeker) is that whatever within his heart finds within the Koran and whatsoever of knowledge he has (worldly or spiritual) puts it to practical use and whatsoever he is ignorant about seeks with ferocity and avoids all that which has no benefit for him (no vanity) and avariciously seeks a passage of salvation and runs away from the Wa’eed (Threats of the Lord) and keeps alive the promises & good wishes (Lord’s and good thoughts from himself) within his heart and spend much time with his Self (Bettering himself) and avoids others.”
Abu-Bakr Barezi said, “In the beginning of the path, once the Salek (Traveler upon the Divine Path) gets used to the fears and horrors (of the path), he shall never fear anything else ever again whereat lives at peace & comfort”. (When Beloved calls your name with Mahab-bat (Divine Love) you may face much hardships and fears that would make you brave eternally. Nothing and no one ever again will cause you affright and you will accept anything as long as you face your Divine Beloved. So if there was a point of time in your life you lost everything and lived in fear and much hardship came to you, know that you were invited to walk upon the Divine Path. You were not hated nor abandoned; you were loved & sought after by our Beloved.)

That day when Allah sends a Sheikh or a teacher for you and if you are attending his class it is better for you to urinate in your pants than lose a moment to go to the bathroom since the water can wash your pants easily but there is no water to wash your ignorance. (Abu-Omar Zojaji)
Hark O Self, every dog has his day and this day is your day to abandon ignorance and learn.
See the comic! Self you are that dog if in the presence of Sheikh or teacher your mind wandered and words passed you by. I did not put he comic for you to laugh I put it there for you to cry.

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