Book 8
Serr Nafs (Secret of The Soul)
Sahl Ibn Abdollah said, “I was asked about the Serr (Secret) of Nafs (Soul, Psyche) and I replied: There is a Serr (Secret) for Nafs (Soul, Psyche) that has never been revealed to any member of the creation except the Pharaoh, “Saying, "I am your Lord, Most High"” (Koran [79:24]). There are seven terrestrial and seven extraterrestrial Hijab (veils) for Nafs (Soul, Psyche).  If someone buries the terrestrial Hijab (veils) i.e. removes some of the earthly veils, then the heavens would pull over the Nafs (Soul, Psyche) the extraterrestrial veils to hide the secret!
Once the man buries deep his Nafs (Soul, Psyche) i.e. adds even more veils to it, then within his heart reaches the Throne of the Lord.“

This is why there is all this talk about dying before death and annihilating the Nafs (Soul, Psyche). Because the less your Nafs (Soul, Psyche) is hidden then closer you are, like the Pharaoh, to announce yourself a demigod. The more you hide your Nafs (Soul, Psyche) the less likely you can see the secret to declare yourself as a demigod. The further you move away from feelings of arrogance, control and in general Self-centered attractions the further away you are from feelings of godhood therefore you find yourself closer to the Lord’s Throne.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda