The Inseparable
The Beloved immixing with my blood, veins and skin inseparable
Deception nor enmity can ever break off Beloved form I [1]
Once the brain is old indeed separates from the skin [2]
No matter how old the love, peels not off the skin this love from I
Music begets repulsion, wine sorrow, health the cumbrous servitude
Without the beauty of Your face, what pleasure all these for I [3]
Staring at the sun indeed brings water to the eyes [4]
The waterfalls of Its love flowing abundantly in front of I
Never the tall pine grown by the brooks impressed me [5]
For as long as Its appealing Highness appears to I
Speak with the Beloved at length, summarize both worlds
Since It is the sole desire of both worlds for I [6]
In all manners habits can certainly be broken Wesaal
Except for love impossible! Since loving is the habit for I

The dolphin of her eyes in depth of darkness dives to snatch the rare scattered pearls of happiness. And when her name thunders in heavens, she soars to the surface, jets out of the misery’s waves, for a brief weightless moment basks in the rays of Beloved’s radiant Face... We call that her smile!
She smiles not at the cameraman, she pulls away this veil by the arm of orphancy, frolic stares upon the splendid Face of her Creator instead. And though she uncovered no pearls of happiness deep, bedazzled we mine the glittering pearl of her smile freely, a splendid bounty from the heavens' treasury.
False clarion calls to freedom stole her wealth away, AIDS made her moon and parents the sun afar, her home fluttered off by the prancing wolf of poverty! But no one no power can ever separate the Beloved from her. Malnutrition, AIDS, rape and child-slavery may consume her flesh, but Beloved never to secede from her, not for one moment.
Believe me not? Behold the signature proof! The smile upon her face, the pearl scintillating within the abject vacuum of darkness:
And when the delirium
Of life’s pleasures
Intoxicates my heart
Bury me alive
In darkness of your hands
And when I am rushed
Ejected out of my grave
Lend me your fullest lips
So the truth I shall tell
To my Beloved Maker

[1] This does not mean Beloved is mixed with flesh. This is a poet expression of closeness and inseparability, Koran[50:16]:
“It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.”
 No matter what sins committed no matter how much people betray the man, Beloved is always with him. No matter how horrific the ailment e.g. AIDS Beloved is with the man. No matter what race and what political climate and no matter what the condition of the country Beloved is with them.
[2] Senses dulled.
[3] First verse is sarcasm to be contrary to mean no pleasure of any sort. If the Beloved is away then lover is filled with misery, nothing sounds good, food does not taste good like before and the health becomes a source of bondage for hard labor and toil.
[4] If someone looks directly at the blazing sun, the eyes will burn and tears come out. Similarly when someone stares upon the Beloved, like a radiant sun, It makes our eyes water i.e. with tears. We think we are crying for this world and our afflictions. No! Behind the veil of the trials is our Beloved and we are crying for It though we know not. If we are heartbroken for loss of someone we love, that person is only a veil our sorrow is pulling the veil away so our eyes gaze upon the Beloved’s Face and like the sun shall make them water i.e. crying in pain. We think we are crying for a person we lost, but we are crying facing the Beloved.
[5] Pine is often used in Sufi poems to indicate height and mightiness. Wesaal compares anything lofty to the Beloved’s Highness and despairs since there is no comparison.
[6] No matter to whom you talk to, you are talking to Beloved the All Hearer (Al-Sami’a). Therefore just be cognizant and just talk to the Beloved at all times. Then this life and the life after will be summarized i.e. little talking about them.

Background: Haitian homeless girls in slums. Notice one wearing adult clothing, the middle one wearing an outfit made from fruit bags the third one only wore a T-shirt. Their smiles are richer than any wealth and the proof that they see the Beloved.

© 2003-2002,  By Dara Shayda