Eyes Talking
If my moon unveiled the mask off Its face [1]
Then the heavens shall veil the sun in shame
If the dust of Its valley I throw upon the waters of life [2]
Without hesitation shall spill my own blood upon the dust
Perhaps you could deceive the folk hiding our spilled blood [3]
But can you ever hide your hands dripping with your own blood
People talk by their lips, but within the blink of an eye [4]
Indeed I said and I heard my answer from Your eye
Your facial gestures the cupbearer, words the goblet, eye the wine seller
Thus with whom can I share my ruin and sorrow intimate [5]
If I tell a single tale about that sweetest wine Wow! [6]
Shall fill a book full of troubles like Wesaal’s

[1] Moon in Farsi means someone very beautiful or very dear and fine. In this verse Wesaal refers to the Beloved’s beauty.
[2] First dust refers to the smallest least significant thing from the Beloved is so beautiful and blessed that if thrown on life shall morph it into such beautiful state. That is when even myself become so ugly in comparison that I want to kill myself.
[3] Lets say you killed other people and you can hide their death and blood. Can you hide the murder of yourself i.e. the sins and immoralities you commit because your hands are dripping with your own blood.
[4] We communicate with other people by means of our words and mouth. This communication is slow and for specific purpose. Beloved is staring perpetually upon all things and all times. At the same time Beloved is our vision, which we look upon this world, indeed sees through our eyes thus we are able to see. It basically sees/shows the universe by Its own eye and It is also our eyes to see the world. So It shows the universe and It beholds the universe and we are entangled in between this conversation of eyes! In one such glance we could be told of infinite amount of knowledge with no words or causes.
[5] We are at all times staring upon the beautiful face of the Beloved. Each moment each event all that is happening constitutes the face of the Beloved. You close your eyes you are still looking at the face of the Beloved. You go into a dream you are still staring at the face of the Beloved. What is in front of your eyes changing as though the face of Beloved making gestures, Wesaal says these gestures are like the tease and abetment of a wine cupbearer wanting to make you drink the wine to get you drunk. The words of Holy Scriptures are like the goblet for this wine and the Eye of the Beloved is the wine seller or the one manufacturing the wine.
[6] Sweet Wine is the words of Beloved which one drinks as an intoxicant. And like a drunk the person will cause much trouble, which is referred to in second verse.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda