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"The roof of my house was ripped open and I was in Makkah when Angel Gabriel descended and opened my bosom then washed it with the Zamzam water then brought a golden basin brimful with wisdom and faith which then emptied it into my bosom and then closed my chest shut…" Said the Prophet about the Night of Ascension.

The Spiritual Legend:

Roof: Istitār (Veiling) which is the veil of the human Wujud (Being) that occludes the Nur (Divine Light).

House: Prison where the Prophet is jailed within the dungeons of his own Nafs and human Wujud (Being) that blocks much of the Nur (Divine Light). (Qāmusil Qur'an by Dāmghāni)

Opening: Tajalli (Lucent Manifestation) when the veils of Istitār (Veiling) are ripped apart and as if a sun dawning, the Nur (Divine Light) shines through.

Makkah: Sanctuary where the operation could safely be conducted without any harm to the Prophet. The said operation had it been executed elsewhere it would have destroyed the Prophet or could have caused him great pain and suffering.

Angel: A Divine Agent was required to cleanse the bosom of the Prophet for he alone could not have done it.

Descended: The Divine Agent came from the higher universe of purity lowered to this less pure universe.

Washing: Healing from all the illness caused by the human-ness of the Prophet as the Prophet Job was told to wash with the cold water that was sent for him to heal with. The Prophet was made ill by his Nafs and general humanity, and was in need of healing and cleansing his Self.

Opening the bosom: Radiating with the Nur (Divine Light).

Zamzam: The water of Ma'refat (Divine Gnosis) within every human being, the source of all life, the cause for all creation, the knowledge that has no opposite of ignorance and has no process of learning, something deep within the human heart, an endowment from the Lord of all universes.

Note: Like polishing a mirror's surface, it requires a Doer (the angel) the Verb of cleansing and the object of bosom and the cleansing material Zamzam

Brought: Something was brought from some far place.

Metallic Basin: A container for carrying something. The brimful is used in male-form of the Arabic word while the Metallic Basin is female gendered in Arabic ('I'rābil Hadithin Nabawi by 'Ukbari) . Therefore it means that the Basin here is metaphorical and should be carried in the sentence via its meaning i.e. a container and should not be taken literally.

Golden: Exotic substance and material that was used to construct the Basin i.e. the container to carry something awesome from another universe to here. The exotic material was necessary since the journey was extremely long and difficult, and similar to the gold that does not oxidize or react to its contents, the container would wither and contaminate the precious contents. Also the gold indicates that the contents were terrifically precious.

Brimful: Male-gendered in Arabic to cause the metaphoric interpretation for the Basin which is female. Therefore the brimful-ness is also metaphorical i.e. the word means timelessness or endlessness meaning no interval of time or spatial container could contain the contents that maxed out any container in the universe.

Emptying: Transferring from the other universe to here.

Wisdom: In Qur'an wisdom has several meanings: Prophethood, Exegesis of Qur'an, Qur'an, comprehension and admonishment. (Qāmusil Qur'an by Dāmghāni)

Faith: In Qur'an faith has several meanings: Tauhid (Divine Oneness), truthfulness within and without, acknowledging Allah publicly and privately in the same manner. (Qāmusil Qur'an by Dāmghāni)

Closing Shut: The chest was closed in such a tight manner that it would not leak the exotic material that was transported from the universe to Prophet's chest i.e. no doubts disbelief or falsehood and so on.

Now lets rephrase the narration by the above spiritual legends:

"I was imprisoned within the darkness of human Wujud (Being), when the veils of Istitār (Veiling) were ripped apart by the blast of Tajalli (Lucent Manifestation), and while I was kept safe within the Divine Sanctuary, a Divine Agent descended from the other universe to here who radiated my heart with the Nur (Divine Light) and splashed it with the Ma'refat (Divine Gnosis) from deep within, and a container was brought from an infinite journey from an infinitely far away place, which its most precious contents survived the journey, Tauhid (Divine Oneness) and prophethood, Divine Words and full comprehension and refined admonishment were all poured into my chest, from the other universe to here and finally my bosom was sealed as to assure no leaking or corruption by myself or others..."

كنز العمال الإصدار 2.01 - للمتقي الهندي
المجلد الحادي عشر >> الفصل الثاني في المعراج

31839- فرج سقف بيتي وأنا بمكة فنزل جبريل ففرج صدري ثم غسله بماء زمزم ثم جاء بطست من ذهب ممتلئ حكمة وإيمانا فأفرغها في صدري ثم أطبقه، ثم أخذ بيدي فعرج بي إلى السماء الدنيا، فلما جئنا السماء الدنيا قال جبريل لخازن السماء الدنيا: افتح، قال: من هذا؟ قال: هذا جبريل قال هل معك أحد؟ قال: نعم، معي محمد، قال: فأرسل إليه؟ قال: نعم، فافتح فلما علونا السماء الدنيا فإذا رجل عن يمينه أسودة وعن يساره أسودة، فإذا نظر قبل يمينه ضحك وإذا نظر قبل شماله بكى، فقال: مرحبا بالنبي الصالح والابن الصالح: قلت يا جبريل من هذا؟ قال: هذا آدم وهذه الأسودة عن يمينه وعن شماله نسم بنيه، فأهل اليمين أهل الجنة، والأسودة التي عن شماله أهل النار، فإذا نظر قبل يمينه ضحك وإذا نظر قبل شماله بكى؛ ثم عرج بي جبريل حتى أتى السماء الثانية فقال لخازنها: افتح، فقال له خازنها مثل ما قال خازن السماء الدنيا ففتح، فلما مررت بادريس قال: مرحبا بالنبي الصالح والأخ الصالح! فقلت: من هذا: قال: هذا إدريس، ثم مررت بموسى فقال: مرحبا بالنبي الصالح والأخ الصالح! فقلت: من هذا؟ قال: هذا موسى، ثم مررت بعيسى فقال: مرحبا بالنبي الصالح والأخ الصالح، فقلت: من هذا؟ قال: هذا عيسى ابن مريم، ثم مررت بإبراهيم فقال: مرحبا بالنبي الصالح والابن الصالح! قلت: من هذا؟ قال: هذا إبراهيم؛ ثم عرج بي حتى ظهرت بمستوى أسمع فيه صريف الأقلام، ففرض الله عز وجل على أمتي خمسين صلاة فرجعت بذلك حتى مررت على موسى فقال موسى: ماذا فرض ربك على أمتك؟ قلت: فرض عليهم خمسين صلاة، قال لي موسى: فراجع ربك، فإن أمتك لا تطيق ذلك، فراجعت ربي فوضع شطرها، فرجعت إلى موسى فأخبرته فقال: راجع ربك، فإن أمتك لا تطيق ذلك، فراجعت ربي فقال: هن خمس وهي خمسون، لا يبدل القول لدي، فرجعت إلى موسى فقال: راجع ربك، فقلت: قد استحييت من ربي؛ ثم انطلق بي حتى انتهي بي إلى سدرة المنتهى فغشيها ألوان لا أدري ما هي، ثم أدخلت الجنة فإذا جنابذ اللؤلؤ وإذا ترابها المسك.
(ق (أخرجه مسلم كتاب الإيمان باب الاسراء رقم (263) ص) عن أبي ذر إلا قوله: ثم عرج بي حتى ظهرت بمستوى أسمع فيه صريف الأقلام، فإنه عن ابن عباس وأبي حبة البدري).

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