On Sufism
Zan-noon Al-Masri (Egyptian) was asked about the character of a Sufi and responded, “Sufi is the one that the ‘seeking’ (of the Lord) does not tire him and anything taken away from him does not faze him. They are a nation that chose the Lord above all and the Lord has chosen them above all”.
He has said in other occasions, “Sufi is the one whose words are the truth within him i.e. says nothing that is not within him and if he is silent the way of his dealings are indicative of what is within him and (his actions) speak of his cut-off desires.”
(Source: Al-Lama’)
Zan-noon said, “The one who loves the Lord avoids lowering himself in front of others. The needlessness is the decisive sign of a friend of the Lord”.
(Source: Helyatol Awlia)
Befriending the Lord
Yusuf Bin Hussein Razzi quoted Zan-noon saying, “If the Lord loves you, has Qayrat (Divine Sole Vigilance: wants no other than Itself around) for you and once you love It, brings you much fame and calls out the people to come to you”. (When Beloved loves and closeness of Qorb (Divine Nearness) is felt, then due to the nature of Tawhid (Oneness) less and less people are left (thus approaching 1) so your are betrayed, forgotten… But when you love the Beloved the perpetual force of Jazb (gravitation) between you & Beloved, pulls others in and many come to you…)
Moreover he said, “There is nothing more endearing than the love of Lord but within the heart fits not this Love and the love of something else”.
Sincerity in Friendship of the Lord
Zan-noon said, “Once I met an ailing person and in the midst of the discussion I said, “It is not sincere not being patient enduring Its (Lord’s) Dharb (beat or hit)” and he replied immediately, “It is not sincere to befriend It and not to revel within Its Dharb (beat or hit)”. (Dharb here means the beating or impact of the hardship and afflictions. When the hardships come your way and your heart is strained, you find the Beloved midst the troubles in close proximity)
(Source: Sharh Ta’r-rof)
The Goblet of Mahab-bat (Divine Love)
Zan-noon said, “The lover of the Divine Lord is not given the goblet of Mahab-bat (Divine Love) unless & until the blood within his heart is smoldered (sever heartbreak}”.
(Source: Tazkeratol Awlia”, Attar)
And again said, “The lover of the Divine Lord tastes not the goblet of Mahab-bat (Divine Loving) until the Khawf (Affright) boils his heart (hurt his feelings)”.
(Source: The Lantern of Guidance, Kashani)
Ons (Divine Intimacy) with the Lord
Zan-noon has said on Ons (Divine Intimacy), “If the Lord makes you intimate with people really means you are scared away from Itself, and if you are scared of the people then It has brought you to Its Ons (Divine Intimacy)”.
(Source: Al-Lama’)
Zan-noon said, “Whoever is in Ons (Divine Intimacy) with the Lord, finds himself intimate and drawn to pleasant and beautiful things. But within this there are secrets for the Aref (Divine Cognoscenti) and they should not be divulged to people at large in fear of evil-end and afflictions”. (I guess he means to become intimate with beautiful things may misguide a person into lewdness or lusts)
Zan-noon said, “If you are intimate with people, if you are not greedy then you are becoming intimate with the Lord”. (Indeed it is the Ons the Divine feeling of intimacy that draws us to other people, as long as you do not abuse them with greed & lust, and then you are becoming more and more intimate with the Lord)
(Source: Tazkeratol Awlia)
On Intimacy with People
Zan-noon said, “Whomsoever is intimate (Ons) with people shall reside upon the throne of Pharaoh, vice-a-versa if left people alone and contained his Self then resides upon Ikhlaas (Sincerity). Whomsoever receives his due portion and not more than what he needs fears nothing and if all is lost still has the Lord. Once the Divine Presence of the Lord is felt how can there be fear of loss (or poverty)?”
(Source: Tazkeratol Awlia)

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