Kashfol Asraar (Unearthing The Secrets)
Al-Ikhlas (Sincerity & Purity)  

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Makki (Makkan Period i.e. the first 13 years of Divine Revelation in Makkah)
Chapter 112, 4 Verses


Jews, and polytheists of Qoraish enquired from the Messenger Mohammad about the origin and essence of the Lord: Who & What It is? Qoraish was the tribe of Mohammad’s family. This chapter starts with ‘Say’ which is the commandment to the Prophet to convey the answer for the said question.
Lingual Tafsir (Exegesis)
In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful;
1. QOL   HOWAL   LAHO   AHAD(ON): [1]
Say (O Mohammad): It is Allah, The One & Only;
2. ALLAHOS   SAMAD(O): [2]
Allah is Samad i.e. the noble self-sufficient master whom all the creatures need and It needs no one;
It begets not and nor It is begotten;
And there is none like unto It.
‘Irfani (Divine Gnostic) & Adabi (Moral & Ethical) Tafsir (Exegesis)
In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful: Beginning with the name of the Divine Lord utterly unique & singular, unparalleled in Sifat (Attributes), afar & away from faults, deservedly deified & deitate, the knower of commandments & fate, limitlessly generous nonesuch & resistless, affectionate to Its slaves deserving every commendation and every praise, Its beauty & goodness Qadim (Immemorially Preexistent), Its edict mightily overpowering, Its speech eloquent & elegant, Its dominion away & afar from evanescence, cleansed & purified from any faults & wrongs, afar & away from any imagination and outside the realm of reasoning & rationalization.
Sprinkled all praise upon Your beautiful face
Love, heart & eyes, all three sacrificial offer
Whatsoever You do, our hearts so appeased
Your edict be it costing our life, so pleased
1. Say (O Mohammad): It is Allah, The One & Only: O Mohammad the strangers are asking about our origin, say, “A deity nonesuch in essence and unique in Sifaat (Attributes), unchallenged in might & power, singular in divinity & godship, nonpareil in Abad (Eternity) & Azal (Sempiternity), deservedly deified omniscient in all divine affairs, within the heart of Its friends the light of Its endowment lucent, concealed from the eyes while fully manifest in Its artistry & handicraft. Benevolent & affectionate, illimitable in grace & mercy a wonderful deity, knower of all secrets and confidential conversations, owner of “Lofty Horizon” (Ofoqel A‘alaa) [3], the creator of the Divine Throne as well as what lies underneath the earth, more intimate than any intimacy and worthy of all paean & praise.
Afar from the eye though intimate with the heart
Manifest to the heart yet concealed from the eye
2. Allah is Samad: Being Samad [2] means all slaves need It yet It needs no one & nothing. All disobedient slaves are in hope of Its generosity & forgiveness, the healing of every pain is due to Its beneficence and elation of the miserable are due to Its beauteous Jalal (Momentous Sublimity), blest the one who is intimate with Its Names, honored & dignified the one proffered Its remembrance, jubilee the heart It enchained, cleansed & purified that tongue in Its remembrance, fortunate the one his days passed in Its love & affection. Some boast about the Paradise and others boast about the Divine Love! This Divine Love the reward for the one whose efforts are focused solely for It.
Mine eyes brim-filled with the face of my Love
Pleased with these eyes whilst glancing at my Love
Unacceptable! Discerning the eyes from my Love
Inseparable! Either my eye is It or It is my eye
Samad is It, causing the bewilderment & bedazzlement of minds at Its Jalal (Venerably Glorious & Splendid), intellects are rushed stressed & anxious facing Its beauty, cognitive faculties humiliated attempting to grasp Its secrets, thoughts uprooted musing Its affairs, in blood drowned are hearts facing Its Qahar (Defeat & Subjugation), afire hearts charred & smoldered getting to know & comprehend It.
Pir (Old Sage) of Tariqat (The Path) said, “The Beingness that is unfolded once reaching the Adam (Nonbeing & Nihility) is a false-existence and not a reality! Ahoy poor soul read your Adam (Nonbeing & Nihility) upon the tablet of Qedam (Time Immemorial), raise the flag of your nothingness upon the realm of Its Beingness. Upon the perception of presence of Qedam (Time Immemorial) lose your perplexed & baffled mind! And become unconscious of your own intelligence! Forsake your Beingness within every obeisance (Rokoo’) & prostration (Sojood), within the absolute reality of Jalal’s (Divine Momentous Sublimity’s) Beingness tear apart the gown of this false-existence and say to It:
When by my Self, fade, less and less my beingness
When by Your side indeed I am as vast as the universe
Please accept me! And set me free
Indeed even free I am too expensive!
Latifah (Subtlety)
In this chapter each verse is the interpretation of the previous verse. As they asked, “Who is It?” Say, “It is Ahad (Unique & Singular)”. “Who is Ahad?”, Say “It is Samad”. “Who is Samad?”, Say, “Samad is who begets not and nor It is begotten”. “Who is the One that begets not and nor It is begotten”, Say “The One that there is none like unto It”!
HOWA (Divine It) [1] uncovers all secrets, ALLAH uncovers (secrets for) the souls, AHAD (Unique & Singular) uncovers (secrets for) the hearts and the rest of the chapter uncovers (secrets for) the Nafs (Psyche) of the believers.
HOWA (Divine It) [1] uncovers (secrets for) the maddened & sorrowful lovers, ALLAH uncovers (secrets for) the Mowah-hid (believer of Divine Oneness), AHAD (Unique & Singular) uncovers (secrets for) the ‘Aref (Divine Cognoscenti), SAMAD [2] uncovers (secrets for) the scholars and the rest of the chapter uncovers (secrets for) the wise & intelligent.
O Mohammad tell the lovers of the Divine that HOWA (Divine It) suffices to be their secret and their enslaver, (they) mentioned not the Divine Names & Attributes since these are the folk of Qayrat (Not Wanting Other Than ALLAH) who see not and hear not anyone uttering names and describing attributes of their Divine Love! In spite of It being the heart and eyes of these lovers they say:
Your love has pushed me to the verge
Forbidding for my eyes even Your face
(This poem means that the slave falls in love with Allah to the point that physical descriptions, thoughts, imaginations and so forth constituting a face that he faces thinking about his Beloved becomes nonsense and unacceptable since the slave seeks the true Beloved and not the description of the Beloved)
O Mohammad tell the ‘Aref (Divine Cognoscenti), The ALLAH that has thrown upon them the Tafrid, has drowned them into this name ALLAH to the verge of incomprehension of “No Deity”. (Referring to the Islamic standard phrase “No Deity but Allah”. The ‘Aref engulfed within the name Allah to the point that no other words such as “No Deity” makes sense any longer)
O Mohammad tell the Mowah-hid (Believer in Divine Oneness) that AHAD (Singular & Unique) is the life-giving light of luminous Tawhid (Divine Oneness)! Indeed peace for their soul found within the Tawhid (Divine Oneness).
O Mohammad tell the scholars about “Allah is Samad[2] so they ought to appeal their neediness to the Divine Court of Needlessness and doubtless they shall not come back empty handed.
O Mohammad tell the wise about “It begets not and nor It is begotten”, so the ponderous minds know that It has no wife & children, no relations & coupling, nonesuch & incommensurable.
O Mohammad when the enemies oppose you I (Allah) will answer them and if they address me you ought to respond on my behalf. I call you my Love, thus know me as your Love.
[0] “RAHMANIr   RAHIM(I)” The lower-case ‘r’ connects to the following word’s ‘r’ in a smooth ‘rrrr’ sound. ‘(I)’ is optional, in Koran you can read or omit the sound at the end of the verse.
[1] HOWA is both the neuter & male pronoun 3rd-person single corresponding to the English word ‘it’. However in Koranic language refers to the “Divine It” without gender. It also pronounced as HOO.
[2] SAMAD is Arabic with number of meanings as following: The One that all creatures in the world need it but itself needs no one. It feeds all hungry creatures but itself needs no food. Anyone whether they believe in It or not, ask It for their needs even though they know not. It grants all prayers and wishes but needs nothing to ask for. It asks nothing from Its creations such as favors or needs. Every one who is in fear seeks refugee to it but Allah fears no one. All creatures need Allah to continue with their lives second by second.
They need Allah to reproduce their race. But Allah needs no one and needs no means of extending its life via reproduction. Has no need for children nor has any parents or need in parenting.
This word amongst the ancient Arabs had several meanings:

  1. Arabs called their noble overlords the samad, which meant the overlord that oversaw their affairs, and they went to this person for their needs and emergencies. So Allah is the perfection of this attribute and all goes to It for their needs and emergencies.
  2. Solid and rigid object that has no inside or hollowness or belly. This means that Allah needs no one free of all weaknesses and neither in need of eating nor drinking (no hollow belly in need of food).
  3. The eternal or everlasting being who is not prone to destruction even if all Its subjects are destroyed or voided It still lasts beyond all.
  4. Non-changing in terms of Its existence, It is constant beyond anything or any power in the world imposing change upon It.
  5. It does not breakdown, needs no repair. It does not get sick. Has no problems and shortcomings or weaknesses.
  6. Its dominion as an overlord can never be transferred to another king. No one and nothing can ever cause change or transfer Its kingdom to anyone else.
[3] Koran [53,7]: Where the archangel Gabriel, in high horizon, appeared to Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him. I guess this expression means the owner of revelation to prophets.


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